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It was a turbulent period for me

New job, soon a new home, closing part of projects, entering new projects, and bess on the cryptocurrency market ??

After many reflections, I decided to change the form of this blog

This will be a "daily blog"

Unfortunately, I do not have time to detail the creation of new topics, devote time to a lot of details and variety. Each next blog will be simple, but also perfectly

The basis will be good text, content - but without great analyzes and unnecessary details, without unnecessary animation
There is a lot to say from this half year ...

For half a year, I started trying new things. I have not only cryptocurrencies in my head

Quietly, the decline in cryptocurrency prices did not affect me negatively
It gave much more than I expected
First of all, I received one thing that should not be missing

I have a lot to say, but not all at once
Take it easy;]

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