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Yup, I am not that kind of person who is very active on social platforms, although I still plan on growing my Instagram network one day. That's why I discovered some pretty interesting ways which I believe could help you to reach more followers and likes on #Instagram too.


It is a trick I found out when I realised how frustrating it is to like tons of pictures to be noticed by their owners, oh this takes so much time! Actually, there is a much easer way to make people notice you.

All you need is to find a successful account with similar content like yours. I usually search for accounts which have more than 100 comments under their pictures so I would have a choice which comments I want to like. Also, try different account each time to reduce a chance liking the same person twice. Once you found something valuable, spam those hearts next to the comments! But don't be too generous, you are only able to like 50 comments at a time. You will get a temporal ban if you give too many likes.

This is a super fast way (it takes like 2 minutes max?) to attract more followers, likes and get commented back! And BEST THING about this is that those new followers will be more likely to comment under your posts too if your provide the same content which they like and are used to comment under. Those people are not those who just follow and sit quiet forever. They are LOUD, they love to TALK and COMMENT.


This is a SUPER SECRET #tip because usually no one suggests this. You must understand that this thing requires a lot of attention and patience but the result is horribly rewarding (yes yes, it makes some #money too).

You need to create an account where you will post stuff which other people love (bikini girls, celebrity's fan page, fashion tendencies etc, whatever you think will bring you tons of followers). Start posting anything you find on the web or other similar accounts but try to stand out from them. Also, make sure that Instagram knows that those pictures do not belong to you (you don't want to get a ban). You can mention this info in bio or just tag original owners in your posts. I suggest this because I know this is truly working. I have an Instagram page where I post pictures of bikini girls (but I will better leave it's name annonymous as you kids don't want to see this ;P ). And after 2 months I already had 10K followers, unbelievable, huh? Now I am close to 20K.

With such following you now can either promote your main account here or try to gradually change the content you post and turn that alternative account to your main account (this is a risky step so make sure you do this super SUPER slow).

Aaaand it's not the last thing! Once you have a decent amount of followers, brands and models start finding you and offer some #money so you would post something for them. Yes! You will be able to do paid promotions, how cool is that?!

Want to see the second part when it comes out? Make sure to follow me! :)


Fia... you just helped me with this post!!!!! A thousand kisses on your forehead..... i've been looking for how to increase my instagram follower and attract international followers.... this post just helped me......thank you. kisses

I am glad to hear that, Stephen! Your upvote would be the best gratitude :) It's only the first part so there will be some more useful info later. I will be happy to hear your progress on getting more followers!

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@samoosa Thank you sir you upvote me very good