Financial Crisis that is Looming on us.

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In this post I wanna share my thoughts about the financial crisis, which is predicted by many experts. 

What is the financial crisis?

In fact, it is a crisis associated with the manipulation of the money supply with the help of which we exchange goods and services. A natural crisis is a natural disaster when valuable things are destroyed - cars explode, houses collapse, people die and so on. In this case there is a natural cause for the crisis. However, when a crisis is financial, it is essentially artificial. The barber has not lost his ability to cut. Before the crisis the cow gave milk, so the cow continues to give milk. However, a farmer can not get a haircut at the barber, because he has no money supply, no money, no means for exchange, which is regulated by the state system.

Look, there is no crisis in reality. 

That is, it exists only because there are problems with the money supply. And these problems do not arise for some natural reasons. They arise artificially, intentionally.

As a result, our barber can not get milk, because the farmer sells milk for money. A farmer can not get a haircut at the barber, he also has no money. What a strange situation! Especially when you consider that the farmer has milk, and the barber has not lost his ability to do haircuts and hairstyles.

Why don't they exchange their goods and services without money?

Here is such question arises! Why should they suffer without the goods and services necessary for normal life simply because someone created problems with the money supply?

In the 1990s, after the collapse of the Soviet Union the wildest crisis began. It was a real nightmare for the ordinary people, they were on the verge of survival. My own parents, engineers, high-class specialists were left without money and they had to engage in all sorts of trade, just to feed me and my sister. At the same time, one very entourage person, an entrepreneur, created a commodity exchange (where barter transactions were carried out) and thus became a millionaire. People and companies didn't have the money to do business, so the need for direct exchange was incredibly high.

Now all kinds of experts predict another financial crisis this fall. 1998, 2008 and here it is, 2018! We are predicted that there will be a restructuring of the global financial system. End of dollar power. Will cryptocurrencies become a new basis for exchange? (What do you think?) Or maybe the yuan will take the place of the dollar?

Whatever it is, the main idea of my article today is that the financial crisis is an artificial crisis. After all, barbers can still do haircuts and hairstyles, and cows can still give milk. But people entrusted the organization of their lives and their economy to the state system. And this state system no longer cares about these people. Because the psychology of many people in power is that the world is divided into elite and crowd. And the elite can and should live well, and the crowd should live badly. That's the problem. I spoke on this topic two years ago in my first posts. 

A good world order is when the strong take care of the weak. A bad world order-is when the strong "devour" the weak, that is, exploit them. 

When the strong help the weak, it is mercy, kindness. This reflects the human soul. The divine basis of man himself. When the divine spark in man goes out, he begins to use his power to "devour" the weaker, to "go on the heads", to realize his interest at all costs. And then the hell begins.

I hope that kindness and beauty will save the world. First, they will save the inner world of each person. And then there was that big and originally beautiful world in which we all ended up one way or another.

Peace to you, dear people! The more love in our hearts, the less crisis will be in our homes and families. Because a crisis starts in the heart. It is impossible to deceive the person who is kind and honest to himself, who lives by a sense of truth, beauty and love.

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Love you all, guys!

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What the damn cash printing by governments all over the world?

It would be really nice if we would reduce government spending and balance the budget but that will probably never happen. :(

Our coast to coast shopping mall will learn one day I guess..

The recent collapse in FB and TWTR's price feels like a warning sign for things to come... or everything could just keep going up like crazy.

I think solution is Digital Currency

all the more reason to have a wallet full of crypto.

Forget the past The past is clean or wrong, it does not get anything. Because you can not change the past. Rather than start learning from the past mistakes, start a new one now, for a new future.

I firmly believe the coming financial crisis will lead to a massive rise in the value of cryptocurrencies.

just look at how it performs when there is economic turmoil in small nations, and how when The Donald won that election.

there is a paradigm shift coming in our age and it will be huge. Ai, cryptocurrency, spacetravel; we have a quickening on our hands.

the turmoil will only expose the plan to those who are paying attention

I think you are right .......kinda. The future is crypto however governments will not let go of the control over their nations currency. I think we could be moving closer to a world with government created and controlled crypto.

Your thoughts about this current "financial crisis" being artificially created and intentional are right on. When FIAT money gets re-valued by world bankers, you want to be sitting on the largest stack of physical gold and silver that you possibly can. People were using gold and silver as a medium of exchange back during the time the pyramids were built, and it's the only form of currency exchange which has stood the test of time - several thousands of years. When the music stops, you want to be sitting on a chair made out of real money and real assets/goods: gold, silver, food, durable goods, guns, etc. These things are REAL. Everything else is just bull$#!t - and it is designed to strip you of your wealth. Don't be an idiot, FIAT currencies are worth the paper they are printed on - which is about as good to use as toilet paper. World monetary reset is coming. Don't be in FIAT, be in gold and silver...

I do not think there is a coming financial crisis. Some countries seem to be collapsing such as Venezuela and of course Greece had some serious problems. The big problem with these nations is too much socialism in my opinion. I feel very positive on the global economy and I think Crypto will be the future. Not necessarily current cryptos but soon we will see Nations create their own. Inflation is not always a bad thing and actually can help stabilize and grow an economy. For example China creates their own inflation to better compete globally and it has worked until now. The US is beginning to fight back so that we keep our place as the worlds most important consumer economy.

IMHO, rising debt is a serious concern. If you're familiar with Ray Dalio's simple machine analogy, it's quite apt here. Eventually, the debt becomes unpayable, at which point the theoretical structures you've built on top of this unpayable debt collapse. This is a simple debt cycle and we have had a recession once every 5-10 years for the last 100 almost.....It stands to reason there would be a correction in our future.

Hi I'm from Venezuela and still here, i know what an artificial crisis are in my bones, so cryptos literally kepp me human, that you says cows still giving milk here a lot and many include me have problem because money is missed.
still in love everything is just an ilusion.
thank you Omfedor for your humanity.

Greeting from China.Trying to survive,bro.

very good and important post sir.Thank you very much.

very necessary comment

I will elaborate and say that I think the call for kindness and beauty to save one's "inner world" is important, you can't fix the outer world if your inside is in turmoil!

Great information there! Things would be so much easier if at least sometimes people could use barter system... Also if we could just help one another without wanting anything in return, the world would already be a better place. It's the best feeling out there you get when you selflessly help someone out

I don't agree with some of the points you make. Government isn't necessarily a bad thing. People take a lot of things for granted in the western society. Public, health, marketplace, safety etc... services aren't cheap but those are often taken for granted.

A financial crisis isn't made up. That's when one large chunk of your sector in your economy is going bankrupt and like a food chain it affects the rest of the economy. How does that happen? Poor regulation, bad regulation, poor financial choices, dying sector due to innovation, etc... How the financial crisis look in the crypto world? The boom and the bust, the boom in January and we are currently experiencing the bust. Imagine you have 100% of your money in crypto and that's the only "money" you can spend. It's very likely you would of went bankrupt by now...

I think if government are more transparent the people would understand the issues more. It would also be nice if the people are able to hold the government accountable for their actions to balance the scale.

this is very necessary thing .

this post show true face humanillity Great @

@omfedor A good world order is when the strong take care of the weak. A bad world order-is when the strong "devour" the weak, that is, exploit them.
I totally #agreed to you.
I firmly #believe the coming financial crisis will lead to a massive rise in the value of #cryptocurrencies.

I'm following you for your important and impressive blog..

In financial crisis the rich people don’t have any problems all problems are faced by poor ones overalls the rich people make more money at crisis what you think sir @omfedor

I agree with that point that riches makes money in crisis

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This post is very touching. :)

great blog very professional and helpful thanks for the share mate @omfedor

I think that's was Looking Like a Brilliant Post and Article was Brilliantly explained thats was very good

I'm ken, I have followed you

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So neccassary for us to know thanks!!

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Your presentation of the absurdity of not beeing able to exchange assets between two individuals with assets is just spot on!

I'm curius about this new financial crisis. Are there any signs that it's happening that we've seen before or does each new financial crisi come with its own cause?

Well, as always, those who create money (and lend them to governments) are now taking them out of circulation, creating a shortage of money. The Fed is acting this way now...

Very goog Nice post

Scarcity mindset and people with blame culture thinking are among us...

It is very interesting that the studies turn out information that when college students are exposed to "conspiracy theories", they show an increased sense of insecurity and blame.

This LEADS a band of researchers to come to the ideology that conspiracy-theory beliefs are often self-defeating and psychologically damaging.

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You're damn right... peace!

Perhaps the Chinese yuan will replace the dollar in power as what we have witness in today economic status quo. But cryptocurrency is here to stay to balance the financial system of the world.

I hope someday cryptocurrency will help ordinary people to live more freely.

I hope that ordinary people are willing to educate themselves on the topic. Or any other important topic for that matter, as that is the only way for anyone to thrive.

@omfedor I want to share that Forcing higher obtaining costs, changing retirement as we probably am aware it.Especially compelling with arrangement financing costs close to the zero bound.

Dear I upvote you and follow also same as Expected with you.

This is an article of love, light and wisdom

Im fed up of all these conspiracy’s that it’s them and us. It’s as simple as there isn’t enough money for everyone, even if the rich shares there money it wouldn’t be enough. Also it’s more the laziness of governments and ordinary people who borrow to much because it’s easier than facing reality, the next recession will be the biggest one yet because everyone thinks about now and not later. I don’t think borrowing should be legal if you already owe 21 trillion like the us does and as soon as they can’t borrow, the us will collapse but it has to happen, we should spend what we have and not what we haven’t got.

You are so right. Many of us here blame the government politicians for the situation we are in. Yet as the saying goes: " we have met the enemy and he is us"

None of us are happy to live within our means. We elect politicians who favor "our cause, our race, our special interest" and then moan when they fulfill our wishes.

Summed up nicely in this youtube video :

Soo cute & soo deep

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I know a lot of people who are now investing in crypto because they think it's safer than holding fiat. Regardless of where anyone sits politically, it does seem like Trump is intent on another recession.

your example for explaining financial crisis was simply genius

Spontaneity in finance can not be, only interests can be, even the crisis is a financial interest, remember Churchill

This is a beautiful article. If the fiat system should collapse, I think we will see more exodus from the old system and people will say "hey, we can still exchange value with that Bitcoin thing" and the money manipulators will only hurt themselves this time. For the first time in human existence, we have a viable global alternative to finance, just more awareness needs to be made. With the deployment of Bitcoin ATMs in almost every major city now, life and commerce can go on with only a hiccup in the beginning. It is not doomsday. For those out in the country, it could be difficult or impossible to adjust.

Very fine article you have there, I tend to agree with what your saying. Following your work now, please check out my work

just what i needed to read.

agreed the way you have chosen for educating , keep going


Hello sir... No doubt your article is really interesting and emotional..... Financial crisis.... Relates to every problem that you face while in and outdoor activities because in this world your are nothing without money..... And the fact about life is.... Ups and downs are part of life. The best and positive think is if you have some talent then you can earn where ever you are........

Due to the deregulation of the financial industry, the financial crisis happens because of which the common people have to suffer a lot due to the recession. cryptocurrency will lead in these kinds of situations. very nice post @omfedor keep it up upvoted you.

Very usefull and nice article sir...

Please upvote and comment me

has this tactic ever worked? curious

due to the financial institutions are not regulated in a better way financial crisis occurs because of which the common individual has to face so many problems at recession other factors are also involved such as government regulations, political issues, In my view, cryptocurrency would lead in these kinds of situations. Thumbs up to your post @omfedor keep up the good work i have upvoted you.

Don't think about past because it is wastage of time be hopeful about future because you cannot change the past but you can try to change your future..

Hola me agradó mucho tu post, gracias por compartir. Dios te bendiga

You are absolutely right . Money can fulfill every whishes or every requirement in this day's.
No one helps you without any cost

Very good post. My view is that quite a lot(Not all of them) of government officials that works with the taxpayers money in most countries are greedy and cannot be trusted.

Debt based currency.

Excellent article and a good start. I, too, most recently at Stemit and looking for new friends and like-minded people, I followed you and you follow me. Together we can quickly develop our blogs on Steemit.

Excellent article and a good start. I, too, most recently at Stemit and looking for new friends and like-minded people, I followed you and you follow me. Together we can quickly develop our blogs on Steemit.

Well u have said it all. They tell us our naira has failed our dollar has failed no money in country and more of our government best lies. My question remains who took d money away? Did alliens invade earth and steal the money? If no where did it go

Cryptocurencies to the moon. Thanks for sharing with us

This comment was made from

The Colors of Life.

Brighten the mind and dispel the fears,

Crisis may lurk,

but hope is on it´s way.

This is good to know that dollar power will end and our crypto currencies will take over , we are early entrants in this market , financial crisis will come and go , but we have to concentrate to keep the money flow going in our life , thank you bro for this update , good job

what is the solution for this ?

For such my advice is always have a backup. With an assured backup you wont get walloped below sea level

wow thanks for making this post really friend greetings and I hope you go through my last post:

Very interesting

A money problem is a modern problem. I like the use of the word artificial in your article.

Good information provided by you anyone need update related to cars follow me

this article is spot on the money is the fragile piece holding up this shit storm (sorry bout the french)


Good Post ..keep it up !!

digital /cryptocurrencies can be the solution ??

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incredible to know this

I think well have a Kinder egg full of crises. But hopefully crypto might serve the cause to solve some of them.

I believe that a crisis is looming. I currently liquidadted my equity holdings. Digital currency is our future and I could definetly see this being a trigger for mass adoptation.

I have been hearing about this financial crisis since the beginning of this year and it is really scary given the fact that my country, Nigeria, is just coming out of reccession. I just hope my governmwnt takes account of this by making policies that will cushion the effect of this said financial crisis.

I believe that we, people who understand what is happening and who have the vital energy to change something, must build our own wonderful new world. Even in this social network, there are huge problems with the distribution of money. Therefore, I developed algorithms for media-platform (or social network), in which good content and good authors will be evaluated. And I'm currently searching for like-minded people, who're ready to put their skills and strength into this project.

Your post is always good...........You will continue to have such a good post
steemit is a platform where everyone works together and achieves success

Regardless of when or if, one should make a plan prior to the drop. Decide what will be sold or held through the bottom of the stock market(or whatever you fear) BEFORE it happens.. In addition You don't want to be out of the market completely because most big gains happen after these big crashes. If you get out then you wreck your future retirement savings because you've just locked in your losses of 20-60%(below 20 is just a correction)

Very nice

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magic money is keeping things at float for now but how long it will last

its like a ticking bomb atm, hopefully the fall out wont be to bad

Residing the adversities of the re-structuration of the economic system in the specialization of functions, due the complexities of the processes in the economic and financial circuit, and the sense of certainty .

Money is certainly a fiction, something which per se have a almost insignificant value before the value that the system grants it. However, all institutions are a fiction; we need them because they grants cohesion, unification and order to society.

Think about it. The cows and the skills of a barber have some "intrinsic" value, however, how many beard trims or haircuts need to do the barber in exchange of some liters of milk? How could it be accounted and accumulated? How should the exchange gain be estimated according to the added value?

That is in fact the aim of a currency: give a sense of accountability and certainty of the value of the realized work, allowing people to generate a capital with sustainability. Currency is matter of fact instead of faith, where an economic contract enjoy of a credible support over time.

That is why currencies dated back to Babylonia. Without it, the development of complex economic circuits based in minor anonymous interactions would be inviable.

Therefore, you need something that could support the greatest fiction created: the society.

Currently many people depend on a product or some good, I think they should look for ways to innovate looking for new ideas and if there is a crisis enter the market and be astute studying the needs of the population. It was a very good post friend.

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