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Hello friends and families, another edition of weekly series That Awkward Moment is here upon us, this week has shown us a bit of crypto-market-surge, just a flash of brilliance as I would love to call it and we hope the Long term Bull finally shows up before the year runs out. But before then, it’s countdown to Hardfork 20- tagged Velocity. In a couple of days from now, we hope to see mammoth upgrade on the Steem Blockchain.


Like we all know, this series has been up and running on the Steem Blockchain, narrating some off cryptocurrency life experiences in a fictional way, today’s topic is not any different.

The colour of our skin should not matter; I mean it can’t be the most important thing in a society. But it has costed humanity more damages than good, maybe the World would have been in a more better place than what we are living now.

Summer comes with a lot of fun and traveling, vacationing makes more sense during this period. The Jefferson’s (fictional name) have planned so well for this year’s vacation, all the four members of the family were eager to make their trip to the Caribbean, a perfect Holiday destination.

Getting to the airport was swift, all documents checked and the family had gotten two window seats in front of each other, like always, Black parents seems to be over protective hence they seem to handle their kids with iron hand. Kayla and Morrison have been on the receiving ends of tough upbringing, the two siblings are just few years apart. Kayla the elder sister now in high school while her baby brother about to graduate grader school.

Something seem not right as the family boarded the plane, one of their allocated window seat has been occupied by a mean looking Caucasian lady, probably in her late 30s. Politely, Mr.Jefferson showed her the boarding pass indicating their seat number where the lady had taken, but she was roaring back at the gentle and almost inaudible man to “back the hell up, you stinky colourful Negro!”

Mrs.Jefferson was very pissed but calm, just like her husband. She had called the attention of one of the cabin crew to intervene in this scenario, as she walked calmly with the air-hostess back to the family, more eyes gawking at her and the family as they seem to have been the only blacks in that aisle. As the air hostess address the randy woman to go over to her allocated seat, she went on barking and screaming at the family to get lost “you don’t belong here”.

By now, other whites are now whistling and applauding her, this attracted the Chief Hostess, she came by trying to calm the now embarrassed family to give her some few minutes. True to her words, after about three minutes, she was back with a Tall and smart looking white male in uniform, the Captain of the Plane.

Captain Holmes, from his tag was beaming with smiles as he walked past the Jefferson’s and the onlookers, he took some long strides reaching the microphone and started with;

“Hello beautiful and civilized people, this is your captain speaking. I have to come back here to see the face of the lady delaying this flight, now that I have seen her and her bunch of cheerleaders, I will like to apologize to this nice looking family and I humbly request we treat them as our guest in the first class cabin on this beautiful trip”

Cheers and claps came from the silent passengers who had been watching in displeasures, the chief hostess led the Jeffersons to the first class cabin as the mean lady gawked in disbelief what had just happened. Captain Holmes is white just like her and the bozos cheering her up, but he saw the family as equal and not as their skin colour differentiate them.

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