Race For $100 Bill III.

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...continued... from part 1 and part 2.


He asked those who have gone far ahead in taking of any step to turn around and see those whom they have left behind and he said, those questions he asked and those statements he made has nothing to do with any of them. It has nothing to do with what any of them had done or the decisions they have made. Life is indeed like this.

You have no excuse. Your background should never be the reason why your back should be on the ground. You need to surround yourself with people of worth. We have all been given a head start in life, in one capacity or the other. Nobody is without anything in life. What we have gotten is life's gift to us but what we make out of it is our gift to life.


We all have one advantage or the other over another, we have all been given a head start in life, the truth is, we just focus on others while we fail to recognize ours. Each man has to run his own race. You have to run yours as i have to run mine.

It is good to learn about everyone's story so we can put our self in a position to help them. This scenario i just shared is a clear picture of how life is. We see others as fortunate while we think we have been given nothing. We think others have it better than us and we fail to recognize the blessing we have, not knowing others have it worse than us. Your background should not put your back on the ground. Nothing you have done has given you a head start in life, stop thinking you are better than others and if you must think this way, then let it spur you to help those you think you are better than. Life is best when we tend the wounds of others.


Focus on what life has given you; on your advantage over others and leverage on it. What you have in life is life's gift to you but what you make out of it is your gift to the world.

Thank you for your time.

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I couldn't have agreed any less sir. Our background is just a fortunate part of our foundation of our lives, it has nothing to so with who we are to a large extent.
Life is not fair and the only way out is not bitterness against others who relatively seem to have it now. This post is an eye opening one too.
Thanks for sharing @olawalium. Cheers.

I am really glad to know you learned from this and it is always exciting to read your comments. Thanks a lot brother.

true boss i really learnt alot from this. Thanks once again sir

Thanks a lot. Anytime bro.