I Am Not Afraid

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Hello Steemians, I recently just joined steemit and suddenly all hell was let loose about letting go of 70% of the work force to cut the expenses and other stuff that have been happening and that will happen. I've sat back and watched as one whales, investors and old timers made one post or the other reinstating their support and commitment to the steemit project.

This has been comforting for me as a beginner because they are situations in other altcoins that such news would have sent the price of the altcoin crashing down by more than 50% but this wasn't the cause here, it kind of seem that members where just waiting to get a clear understanding of where we are going and key into it. I really was amazed at that and really give you guys members of this great community the thumbs up. Because of your actions or should I say lack of negative reactions I am not afraid.

Going forward, I would like the leadership to continue to be open about situation here. I don't really understand how the witness thing works or what they do and if the can help out in this regards. Aslo the DApp provider, hey guys, your names kept coming up in one way or the other as regards our issue here with the exception of esteem according to what I heard Ned saying. I think a time frame should be given for everyone of them to start using their own nodes if I think I got what he said right, but correct me if am wrong, what do I know. Lol.

We can all make steem great again if we all contribute our part, it doesn't have to be taking all the time, it is now time to be giving so that we can have a larger share of the cake once things settle down and we turn to growing mode once more. These are just my 2 steem contribution to the topic on the table, please to not take it personally, correct me where I erred so that I learn from my understanding of what the issue is.

I love you for reading my post and your support of my post can help me grow in this community, thanks a lot. I would also love to see your comments about my post or your views in general as regards the situation, nothing is irrelevant at this stage as we can all learn from it. Thanks again and have a wonderful Sunday.


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