When they get it wrongly

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When they succeed on terms you hate
How do you feel?
Even when you are already where they want to be

Do you feel betrayed by fate?
Do you feel a sense of distrust for God himself?
I hope your answer is NO to the above questions

The world is an ocean
With so many schools of fishes
That swim and live differently

When one reaches the most glorious part of the ocean,
I suggest the rest stick to what they know
And wait for their own time

When we refuse to cheat or minimize integrity
We take a risk to be contented with whatever we have
Despite what many can get through what you can not do

It is not to say ..
that the holy will achieve less
And the unholy more

It is to say that methods can differ
If you do it right,
You are meant to get it better, maybe not faster


Stay true to your path

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This is a very beautiful write up...
Nothing feels better than staying true to one's self.


"Stay true to your path"

The world is too large and anyone can make it at any time.
Even the birds fly without touching each other.

nice post. Please visit my post too.