Truth; A Reproach!

in life •  11 months ago

I see the unjust killings. I see the unfair trials. I watch helplessly as lies and injustices prevail. I see con men taking the front row. I wish to voice it out. I want the whole world to know what is happening. My heart is pained as I keep quiet and watch. Friends and family would not allow me to talk. They fear for my life and possibly, withdrawal of benefits. I fear too

This is a dilemma. I fear the consequences of speaking. My heart hunts me for not speaking. 

Oh, my poor little soul, who would free you! 

Some people are comfortable with lies. Some enjoy it because of the benefits  that come with it. Some people abhor lies, but they are scared of the vulnerabilities that come with saying the truth. Some dare to say it and are willing to give up their lives for it. 

Truth is now a monster to all who have it embedded in them. Either they speak  it or not, it hunts them. When you say it, it makes you vulnerable to hostility or withdrawal of benefits. When you don't say it, your conscience hunts you day and night. 

When truth becomes a monster you have to stay away from. It hurts. 

When you know the truth, you want to say it, but you can't because you are scared. It hurts.

When you want to say the truth, but friends and relatives are all begging you to suspend it because they love you. It hurts. 

The ambassadors of truth are constantly being attacked, humiliated or frustrated by the emperors of lies. 

Truth! O Truth! A rare virtue that is supposed to be revered is now a reproach. 

I am only pouring out the sorrows in my heart through writing. Yes, I vent through writing when the heart can no longer contain it. 

Much love from me to y'all.  

Thank You For Reading!

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My dear @ogoowinner it's so sad but that's the kind of world we live in today. All I can say is God help us.
I believe that good will always overcome evil.
Thanks for sharing

So truth, opps i said truth...
It has become a common trend now ,lies all over the place ,God must be thinking what direction have people been going through....
Guess we need a reset button...
I remember my friend ,they were stuck in some problem so when they were told to speak what happened ,all others spoke lies and he was the only one holding the stick of truth but what happened was he was punished as he only came out black goats....this is what has been happening......

yeah, you are right, the injustice is everywhere, its obvious in the Nigerian senate, if not for any other scenario, at least the one of Dino Melaye comes to mind. They really want to pull the man down because of the speech he made in the Senate criticising the Nigerian President, with regards to the killings going on in Benue state. Only God can help us all.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke.

I guess we should all speak out against injustice. By keeping mum we may be a recipient of the injustice in a not so distant future. As Martin Niemöller said in one of his lectures

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

We really do not want that to be us.


Hmmn what more can I say you nailed it, truth an angel turned monster in our time. lies have be glorified and given the elitist position, in our society. Oh, what a moral injustice.

Such is life. It is unfair and cruel. Wars are waged and murders of innocent people are committed. Men are being killed, and someone is making money on it. It's hard and terrible to live in this cruel world, scary for your children. Telling the truth it means making enemies. be silent or live on and do not pay attention to everything that is happening. It's hard. Tolerance to all of us and good luck !!!

@ogoowinner it's despondent that lies over shadows truth in this our present time. But to me I still go with the saying, "hurt me with the truth than console me with lies." No matter what....
Keep writing, it's one of the best way to ease our self when in pain.

When the world started embracing relativism and doing away with absolutes, it was only a matter of time before truth is shown the way out. I'm afraid we are in those times. Truth is going extinct. Unless revolutionaries can arise whose revolution starts with standing for truth against all odds. I will save the quote from George Orwell. Indeed in our times, telling the truth is a revolutionary act because what we see all around is the evolution of lies.

When we speak out agaainst injustice,the world will not see us as fool but rather take a step to readjust. Nice post @ogoowinner

Very true!! Facts are bitter and so is truth. Very many people go ahead to tell lies because saying the truth breaks them down. Am not saying am a truthful person but most of the times I like saying the truth even when others are hiding behind the lies. My workmates can testify and most of them don't like me because of this. But surely most times truth sets you free and gives you that inner peace. Thanks @ogoowinner it's a wonderful piece.

Hi Ogoo:),

I trust you are well?

I'm curious to know how you have hrown your account so much in such a short period of time, care to share or advice dear?

Greetings from Kenya.

Hmm, thank you my lady.

No matter how hurt telling the truth might be, it is better than the pleasure of lies.
When people find out you are right, they praise you to your eyes and you will be filled with pride which is enough medicine to heal the hurt, the same way to humiliate liars in his eyes to the extent that he forget of forfeit all the pleasures he has derived.

This might take time, but it worth waiting for.

Well, i inderstand you and the situation.
Truth is good, but not all truth is good to say
Most times, i just leave them to feed to the lies and blame me for it.
But telling the truth isnt easy, most times they dont even believe you.
I would rather say the truth, endure the humilation and haterd.
Than let my conscience come for me and eat me up.
And one thing i believe,
*if a lie goes for a years, the truth would one day surface.

most especially in Nigeria.. Some people now see the truth as a treat.. Thereby calling it Hate speech.. Me I tire oo.. But still the truth needed to be told.

And the pen remains an instrument to reveal the deepest pain the heart conceives. Well written, deep and 100% truth... I just discovered your blog anyway, would always come by to visit hopefully read more inspirational and hopefully steal some writing tricks 😊 @ogoowinner

but the one fact will be always above the is truth is superior

The truth ought to save us but now it's the opposite today. No matter how hard it is hidden, no matter how long it takes someday the truth is going to find it's way out
The worst dilemma a person can find himself in is wanting to say the truth but can't cause of some circumstances/conditions

HMmm.... Telling the truth is needed, however, one needs to sit and think of HOW BEST to tell it and it takes a lot of WISDOM to do this. I think that is what your relatives are trying to caution you about.


For sure... truth on its own, matters but the way you tell that truth matters more. That is why it is always advisable to sit down and think before doing or saying anything.

The status quo indeed provides humongous privileges for lie mongers. This takes me back to the happenings in third world countries and even the so called developed states. Most times I believe that the world is operating a on a lie surrounding all spheres of life

The ambassadors of truth are constantly being attacked, humiliated or frustrated by the emperors of lies.

I totally agree with the above statement, it feels like the whole world is crashing but you do not give up because the truth shall set you free. Its the only way to freedom so why not risk everything. Stay blessed.

Lies is the order of the day. They have buried the truth. I appreciate all writeups but
I love this line;

Some people are comfortable with lies. Some enjoy it because of the benefits that come with it.

Lies pay this days after the truth has been kicked to exile.

Nice expressing the truth in your heart.

Yes it's really pain to see a lot of people dying for what they knew not, and yet our leaders cannot provide lasting solution to relief the nation from this trauma. All we have to do is to watch and pray. Thanks for shearing.

Truth is a valuable treasure that can uplift man, and at the same time pull him, down.
The Bible tells us "the truth shall set us free" but in this world of ours, it might set you free, or even end your life.

Field Marshall alhaji idi Amin Dada said "freedom of speech I can guarantee you, but freedom after speech, I cannot ,I guess people are scared of the same thing when if comes to speaking the truth,..
The question is, will you still have your life after uttering the truth.

Speaking the truth is a good thing , but most times we are faced with the decision of what we will gain /what we will loose after uttering true words.
I know mankind would do anything possible to be alive, if speaking falsehood will keep him alive , he doesn't care, which is bad.

I pray that we men/women should imbibe ourselves with the habit of speaking the truth no matter the consequences, for the betterment of the society.

What a touching write-up you presented here, Nice hearing from you again @ogoowinner

@ogoowinner this write up is deep. truth is indeed not a virtue that is coveted or encouraged in this our part of the world. even in other parts it could be worse but honestly, what we see here is just disheartnening.
in my office my colleagues tend to get angry with me just because i write down the actual time i get to the office. its always strange.

Excellent piece. I'm inspired

The truth is... We are horible beings. We let hate and greed run this world.

We let the innocent suffer and look upon those in need as lesser than those who with greed. We value lies over truths because we would rather live in ignorance than accept the realities which we live in. I think it's more people don't like hearing the truth about themselves. People love to go through life with their ego stroked in a cozy bubble, thinking they're infallible