Solve it before it becomes a problem

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Letting the sleeping dogs lie..
even they breed ticks that don't sleep?
How is that?
That is un-right

There are times when we let some things
That should be evicted
Because they presently cause no harm
That is un-right

The unseen eggs of the flies
One day becomes the slimy maggots
That irritates the once-unseeing eyes
That is un-right

We should rather be right
To fight the sleeping dogs
Or send them to their kernels
And thus kill the ticks-to-be

In our lives, there are sleeping dogs
With little ticks
Unseen eggs, incubating slowly
to become the maggots-to-be

It pays to fight the cause
Before they become a curse
It pays to let the problems at bay
While we prevent them before they surface

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This is simple wisdom that we all too often neglect! #resteemed

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A stitch in time indeed saves nine.
Well said @ogoowinner

Why mop the floor when you can turn off the tap?

Deal with now that you can, it is safer, it is better.