Predicting the Future

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How can we see the end from the beginning?
How can we predict what is yet to be?
How can the future reveal itself to us?
Without us having to create unrealistic guesses

Some say the future is for the dreamers
Some say the future can only be created...
By those who innovate
Or by those who are seers, probably.

But we all know
It is not that simple
We all know
the future is a mystery, in its entirety

All the same
History repeats itself
That is where the future gets caught
History reveals the future, yet , not in entirety

So, here it goes
How do we see the future?
We take care of the present
'cause that is the foundation the future mostly lies on

And don't you worry about the past
if only you have the done the best with all your presents
More so, let it be known that the future
is a foundation for another of its kind

My Advice:

Mind your present more

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Nice sharing

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Wow! This is a nice question. How can we see the end from the beginning? This world is full of mystery that we can't predict. So let take it the way it come for our better life.

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