Piece by Piece

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What is the least you could have done
but you didn't do
What is that thing you neglect
because you feel you weren't enough

Be wise
not to let the little beginnings exempt you from greatness
A stairwell starts with a staircase
Take it one at a time

The world was built a structure at a time
Man wasn't given it all at once
He was given a piece
And was expected, probably , to make a giant out of it

He who handles a thousand well
Will most likely handle a million better
The little lemon you have
Might become the lemonade that will make you

Work hard
Build your world piece by piece
And slowly, a mansion will erupt...
from your soil of work

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Great advice. Those who want to handle the many should first know how to manage the little they are given


Neglect not the little beginning añd little things. The combination of little things give rise to huge thing.

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Time to build up from the scratch we have a long way to go :)