Be forewarned! Money cannot buy everything!

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Yes, there are things money can never get for you and some of them are;

True friendship, true love and loyalty. Money can get you a lot of "friends", but we all know that the truthfulness of purpose for such alliance is difficult to detect at that point in life. A lot of people become friends and lovers only because of what they stand to gain. Some feign loyalty only because of a targeted benefit. 

When you find true friends or a lover, never leave them behind because of your quest for money or fulfillment of vision. Always learn to balance your commitment to the things of life. Pursue your career. Pursue your vision. But never forget to have time for your loyal subordinates, true friends and lovers. These people are the ones who will make life worth living when other things alone can no longer keep you going. 

In every man's life, there certainly will be a time when his wealth, power, fame or riches would no longer mean anything to him. At that point, only connecting to a soul that genuinely loves and  accepts him would matter. However, if he doesn't find any, life becomes miserable. Yeah, very miserable indeed. In all his splendor and glory, he is yet miserable. 

If you are reading this post now, you still have the chance to make things right. Value your true friends. Never neglect genuine love or loyalty. Carry them along as you pursue whatever you are targeting. 

In all your quest to make more money, pursue your career and achieve your goals, always value and respect the things most precious in life. 

In all you do, remember this; 

The finest things of life cannot be bought with money.

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Much love from me to y'all. 

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@ogowinner money is not everything, in fact money can make you misbehave. Building up one's reputation through love is the key.

You are right Sis,
But nowadays it is difficult to identify true friendsoo.. Everyone is changing. I wish people can realize that there is more to life than material gains..

I need a Dollar :)
I know money cannot buy everything but can someone out there send me a dollar? :D

Seriously, there are some things money can't buy. I know for sure it can't buy happiness. Yeah, I've heard the saying it is better to cry in a Lambo than on a bicycle. That is a subjective statement if you ask me which may be true imfor some and not for others. Money can solve loads of problems but there are still things it cannot solve. Kudos.

Money cannot buy all things here. Mostly, the rich thought money can buy all things. Money can buy true love and friendships

Thanks @ogoowinner for the wonderful message ,these days people make friends for financial gains even in church when you testify what God has done for you and it is about money after the testimony the people will be asking for your number because they know they will benefit something from you .the truth is when you are looking for money you always think money will solve 100% of all your problems but when you get rich is when you appreciate the things that money cannot buy ....

I always tell people that true friendship is not in a measure of what you stand to gain or benefit from an individual, but rather in how much impact you in particular have made in the lifes of others.
You do not not necessarily need to be loved by all. but always look forward to be a life changer and be impactful in lifes of others or where ever you find yourself.
Its a pity today that the world has changed and the so called friendship is now based on what one can benefit from the other, although I disagree with this.

I can't agree less.... This will explain to you while politicians and rich people have few true friends, lovers and loyalty.

Everything is based on what they have. A neutral ground which exists and could possibly be used as a yardstick to measure this, should be put into consideration.

Love is something you get from a pure and unbiased mind. Many who claim they love us, only do that due to what they can get from us. He who loves us when we have little, will love the more when we have plenty. It's as simple as that.

Good morning ma'am.... Wishing you a wonderful day ahead. Best regards

True, thanks for the motivation

Someone on steemit once said, its hard to tell apart your real friends and foe due to targeted benefit you mentioned. The world has gone so ill that almost everyone thinks about what he/she can get from a supposed friend or individual. People no longer value friendship because of conflicted interest.
Having a friend who has similar or is goal oriented will help keeps the friendship through sharing of ideas and growing together.
The best of friends are made when money isn't in the picture.
atleast you got a friend

I really really agree with you
Money can not buy love, although sometimes love requires money @ogoowinner

There is a bitter truth in:

Money can get you a lot of "friends", but we all know that the truthfulness of purpose for such alliance is difficult to detect at that point in life.

That is the sad reality about life. People tend to be nicer to you when they feel they have a lot to gain from you. When, it comes to relationships, one becomes more confused as to who is real.

I feel the best way is to strike a balance in the pursuit of money and retention of friendships.

True friendships last longer than money.

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you r rite...

Most importantly we should never allow money control us!!! A lot of entrepreneurs fall for this trap and end up going through a series of depression after getting all the money

Money really cannot buy the most precious things in life the moments cannot be bought but only be lived without it

That's a great post! Money can't buy you happiness! Everyone needs at least one person in their life, who they can trust and be comfortable around, share thoughts and are there for each other in good as well as in bad situations! And this is definitely something you can't buy - but it's something you have to work hard for! :)

it cant even buy life @ogoowinner

@ogoowinner thanks for this valuable piece. True friendship can never be bought with money.

You know your true friends when you are going through the fire of life.

This got me thinking

In every man's life, there certainly will be a time when his wealth, power, fame or riches would no longer mean anything to him.

A wise man once told me that the rich folks dont need your money. They need real friends and companions.

Thanks for sharing.

I am me @brightfame

Money can buy everything, but the question is "Would it ever last"?

You can be put in oxygen or comma for years and you are counted among the living, but the moment that is taken off from you, you are dead. You only survived because you had the money to keep you to that time, but afterwards you didn't live long enough.

@ogoowinner ezigbo onyim, to crown it all, whatever money brings to you, will never last.

my god. what a beautiful post and totally how i feel too. Great job. The friends I have made here are worth far more thank money

Straight up

Money is very important but the truth is that it can't buy you everything. When you realize this you will stop the endless pursuit of money and focus on more important things.

Like Ogoo said, money can't buy you friendship, at least not the true one. Let me add this that you earn good friends, you don't buy them over. Good friends are more important currency than money because true friendship can get you everything money can get you and much more than what money can get you. And like greenrun's comment, so many of us just need a dollar. Lol. But we still know that money can't buy us everything.

Money can't buy loyalty, true friendship as you have stated above and it unfortunate a lot of us always find out when we need these things most. I guess we should stay humble and never expect too much from folks.