Destructive comparisons

in #life2 years ago

Destructive comparisons is one of the greatest problems of the world today.


Saul has killed a thousand, David has killed tens of thousands.

Cristiano Ronaldo is good, Lionel Messi is better.

Mr. X has achieved this, Mr. Y has not achieved that.

Senator X's house is big, Senator Y's house is bigger.

Parents, friends and family would even mock you, "Is it not your mate that has achieved this or that?"

The world does not know how to appreciate one without hating and hurting the other. We are more united in hate than in love.


That is why there is so much desperation in the world. People are doing crazy things to "feel among". People are driven to beating irrelevant records than fulfilling purpose in life.
People are acquiring so much and finding little joy. A lady can acquire 6000 dresses and still feels inadequate when she sees another friend in a new dress she doesn't have.

People only find happiness when others approve of their actions. They depend on other people's opinion for their satisfaction.

What's the way out

  1. Make peace with all men, forgive all wrongs and live happily.
  2. Be happy in the moment, learn the rich virtues of patience and contentment.
  3. Smile excessively, have so much joy that people think you are mad.
    A cheap necklace looks better on a happy soul than a million dollar diamond necklace on a depressed soul.
  4. Believe in yourself. You can achieved ALL THINGS through Jesus Christ who has strengthened you. In him will you find joy. You can acquire the whole world, break all records, have the wildest fun, do all the crazy things in the world and still feel incomplete and sad.

Have Jesus today, Get Joy Unlimited!


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