Are there bad people?

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Are there bad people?
Many of you will simply answer with Yes to this question.

But who determines that the person acts morally wrong and what does acting morally wrong mean at all?
At what point does a human act wrongly and at what point do his actions turn this person into a bad person?

I think about it often.

If we take a deep look, It is true, that people cannot anything for their spiritual state. Their innate qualities and their experiences make them what they are and if themselves are convinced that their actions are not bad, can you say that they are bad persons?

Everybody has done things in his life that hurt others. From mistakes we learn. But which misconduct can no longer be forgiven and make a person a bad person? And what does misconduct mean at all?

I think that everyone basically acts the way they think is right. Is someone already a bad person because he acts against the conviction of the masses or the legislator? If a human simply does not draw a bad certain from his actions? Harms other people and feels no compassion? Can one blame them if he does not act in the sense of others but only in his own sense? Does not everyone act as far in his own interest as it is possible without having a bad feeling? Or to draw negative consequences from it?

Can a human being with his genetic disposition and his wealth of experience act differently in a given situation than all these things work together? We do not act differently because we are who we are. So a person in a certain situation can only act in one possible way and if he can't do otherwise then a moral guilt might be invalid.

So you can't differ between good and evil, because the personality of the perpetrator inevitably leads to his actions. Is it possible to describe the human being as bad if the deed was bad or is the human being the victim of his genes and experience and therefore not assessable at all?

Not assessable because people are victims of their education, victims of their childhood, victims of theirs sociable environment, victims of their experiences and thus also the victims of their own personality...?

What are you thinking about it?

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When I was younger I used to believe people were good and bad but I've become more mature. Mature enough now that I think environment is the main factor which shapes how people behave and that in most cases people aren't "bad", but the behaviors are.

If a person has a healthy brain which functions normally, if a person has relatively normal intelligence (including emotional intelligence), then it's a matter of what did this person experience in their life in order for their brain to wire in a certain way so as to adopt certain patterns of behavior?

I think while some people are born with certain psychological or neurological deficits, this is not the case most of the time. The people born with the deficits are not "bad" or "evil", but simply are not wired for dealing with moral problems. Everyone has their unique brain wiring and all of us have stuff we are more wired for than others or less wired for than others.

Bad character traits can change over time. People aren't generally set in stone. You can be born with a brain wired one way and over time do stuff which rewires your brain to function in another way. I know because I'm an example, as I didn't always have the traits I have today and I develop new skills, traits, and characteristics over time.

People have to want to improve and that is critical. If a person decides they are as good as they are going to be then they limit themselves to being whatever kind of person they are today. If a person decides not to be satisfied with how they are today and to always try to improve no matter how small the improvements are, then over time a so called "bad person" can become a "good person" in the eyes of others. Unfortunately our society isn't very forgiving and doesn't really promote this way of doing things.


Generally, I agree with you and you are right with the brainfunctions. One should become aware of good and bad oneself and then show the will to change its behavior.
But I don't think that you should change because society demands it of you.


Society puts in prison the people who don't play by the rules of society. In some cases people who don't play by the rules of society have their human rights completely violated. So while you don't think people should conform to society you have to also understand that society doesn't give people the option not to.

People who do not are labeled criminals, terrorists, etc.

Great deep thought. I think depending upon a situation good people also does bad things. And if we have control over our mind and thoughts this should help come out of that bad situation.

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everyone knows that no one is born bad. there is no good person or bad person but circumstances, situations ,greedy, selfish,ego,jealous, negative desires mainly now a days money-thirsty ... make them so...


so self-control would change that?


Yes, definitely but they don't want to do that.. self control is more important to anyone.

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"If a human simply does not draw a bad certain from his actions? Harms other people and feels no compassion?" -

Taking morality out of the equation, there are people that enjoy harming other species or other humans... that is the main definition of being bad, just harming for the sake of it, and it doesn't has to do anything with environment or education.

"But which misconduct can no longer be forgiven and make a person a bad person?"

There are also different kinds of "badness" some may be due to psychological disorders, but still even if it isn't their fault when the conduct repeats itself and starts producing "pleasure" or a satisfying effect on the perpetuator... I believe that is the thin line that separates a mistake or a misconduct form someone that is "bad".


People who feel no compassion or who have empathy deficit disorder are flawed but not bad. Every human is flawed even if not in the same way. If we all strive to be better then we can try to transcend our flaws and this is the best I think anyone can hope for.

Compassion for a certain extent can be taught. Empathy on the other hand is something the brain just does and is not taught. If we see someone do something compassionate we should reward that or at least acknowledge that they did something amazing as a society.


@seb.vicke i think you describe sociopaths. They can feign feelings and empathize but prefer to be unfeeling. sociopaths also usually have a sadistic streak, some can deal with it and live it out in their own way and others are subject to it. But that should not mean that all sociopaths are bad. And as far as I know sociopaths were not born that way but something in their childhood made them what they are.

No, they are probably in a bad situation which causes things to escalate out of control. If we could all live a luxurious life, it would be different.

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i think a luxurious life isnt the case. people who live a simple life, such as natives, do not have our civilized social mental diseases and condemnations...

I think I would refer to a person as "bad" if that person makes me behave badly resp. in a way I usually don't approve. A kind of behaviour I consider being a process - it does not happen out of nothing.

Psychological changes in a person do not happen all of a sudden either.

I don't know whether there will be final knowledge someday about which factors contribute to our personal "self" and which don't.


Manipulation..... you are right @isarmoewe, that is also part respectively belongs to the topic

We can't know if what we are doing is good or bad, not in the grand scheme of things. But, it's not our job to. From our perspective it is important that our intentions are good. The consequences of our intentions and how they effect the future is God's (for lack of a better term) responsibility.

I don't think there is such a thing as a good or a bad person. There is simply people who have chosen either to try and do good, or not. But when it comes down to it, I think even the very best of us likely has a plethora of "bad choices" in our histories. In fact, it is making bad choices(or watching others do so) and observing the outcome of those choices that inspires us to want to make better ones. So in a sense, even a very bad choice is doing good in this world.


Nice view / perspective.
As the YingYang teaches it, everything that is bad also can include / bring out / bloom the good and reverse.


This aligns with what I have observed in the world too. I'm quite interested in much of the topics you post about, and I am glad to see this sort of thing getting more attention on the platform. I expect you will be hearing many more of my perspective as it evolves in the future.

Without considering extreme situations, what right have we to judge people if we are not involved in the facts?


absolutly @riosjnicolas

Es una pregunta difícil en todos los sentidos, ya que estamos hablando de las creencia de las demás personas, algunos prefieren seguir dormido y dejarse dominar, que despertar y seguir con tu propios ideales, lo que te dicta tú corazón.


So in the end it's the education and the feeling?

No one is born bad, they have been made bad!

No. Man can not push everything on education and environment. People are just different. And also brain. Also biological. There are probably bad people too.

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@detlef-s You mean bad from birth on?

We're not born as bad people. Of course there are some innate traits 'caused by genes', but the environment has a strong influence on how we personally develop over time.

How we treat others is mainly the result of education.


Yeah, I agree @surfermarly, much depends on our becoming.

before discussion, first of all what is bad or good? what thing does define one as bad or good? it's all about perspective of person. if one person tries to steal food for their children is he/she bad or good? i would say good for children and bad for society? ye ye some one might say he should work, but what if he tried everything already and last resort is to steal or something like it, its another matter of discussion


morally, it's also wrong to starve children, or isnt it? so why does society let it happen at all?

I think that, certainly, people are themselves and their circumstances. That is, we are in some way, what the world has made of us. However, we are also superior beings, evolved and capable of changing our destiny, and our way of being. I think that if a person takes advantage of others, or can do something to improve some situation in their environment, remains indolent, and does nothing to reflect and try to improve as a human being, will remain bad until the end of his days , and will leave this world without transcending as a human being. The question you asked seemed simple but it is very interesting at heart. Regards!


ty @marynet, my best wishes back :)

We are all born bad; born sinners.

Since all have sinned and are falling short of the honor and glorywhich God bestows and receives.
Romans 3:23 AMPC

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really all? :)


Really. 🤔

All we like sheep have gone astray, we have turned every one to his own way; and the Lord has made to light upon Him the guilt and iniquity of us all.
Isaiah 53:6 AMPC

Memorialized in music 🎶 by:


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Sure. There are bad people. Their bad character/attitude qualifies them as bad people.


What or who gets to define bad character/attitude though?



I define myself = no a bad, but also not a good person. Just an ordinary human being I supposed


Aren't we all gonna take this @wilhb81? ;))

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