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In recent times one of my greatest passions has turned out to be learning how to model, texturise and "render" objects for architectural visualizations inside my 3D design software of choice. It turns out that I come from the world of motion graphics and video game design. That is why it has been a great challenge to learn how to make photorealistic or hyperrealistic renders in 3D.


All this interest in interior rendering has arisen because I'm collaborating with some family members to create an online art gallery to sell art and crafts from all over Latin America. Something like an Amazon to buy Latin American art. We have decided that instead of having to travel to all the Latin American countries there are (which we would love to be able to do at some point), we can ask the different artists to send us their works and I will accommodate them in virtual rooms where the prospective clients can appreciate the art in environments that look real; as I have done with the painting of the Steemit logo that appears in these renders and that is in reality part of an animation video made by @stino-san.


Hopefully on the day that you find financial success thanks to Steemit and cryptocurrencies you will call me to design for you a bedroom worthy of a great STEEMIAN.


One of the things that I have begun to like the most about tendering interiors and architecture is that it allows me to dream about the spaces that I would like to inhabit myself.


I am fascinated by the possibility of being able to put my "camera" in any place that I want of my scene without much effort and without having to incur in greater costs of time and money in case that I change my opinion regarding the framing.



I think that when rendering this kind of photorealist images the most important thing to do is to always pay attention to details. I am fascinated by the possibility of using my "camera" to honed in on the different objects that dress the scene and to see how good they look by themselves. Also observe the quality of the shallow depth of field that can be obtained with these renderers. I am using Octane Render right now. I have access to this renderer via monthly subscription plan that I can afford thanks to my participation here on Steemit, as I explained in a previous post. Although lately I've heard and seen wondrous things coming out of Redshift, another renderer up to par with Octane. I am seriously considering downloading the free demo that they offer and seeing for myself how good it is.


And maybe just as wonderful as being able to move my "camera" without much effort, is to be able to move the sun, yes the sun, with just a few clicks on my keyboard and mouse. Here some examples of the same scene but at night.





Here are the last renders I "cooked" and where I tried to integrate more of a sunset light, although I think the results were not as good as those achieved with the previous images. Oh, well, we will have then to continue learning and experimenting!



And finally, some screenshots from inside the 3D software package I'm using right now, Cinema 4D, where all the magic really happens.



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Ahhh, that looks sooo cool Steemit on the wall!!


We all love the steemit logo :)


Oh yes we do! Thanks for the support!!

wonderful pics in this post!!


Thank you so much @kinimusic26! I'm glad you're the first to comment! Muchas gracias!

Congratulations!, I like it so much. thanks for sharing. I am learning to use sketchup and vray but I still have a long way to go


I'm in the process of documenting my process so as to make available through here some tutorials, but it is for Cinema 4D... but I do recommendo you learn to use Sketch Up and Cinema 4D, you can take what you design in Sketch Up and make it look somewhat better using V-Ray for C4D. Don't forget to follow me so that you are kept up to date with the info I'll be putting out.

Wow the room decor is amazing....cute and sweet very classy
I like your post😊

beautyful..great post..


Thank you! Gracias! Danke! Merci!

The logo behind the bed like that looks great!

I'm currently working on getting some Steem art done myself and finding posts like these are a great inspiration.

Keep up the great work!


Glad to hear that this post is of great help to you! That has just make my day!



That's awesome~!! It does almost look real!


Thanks! I'm trying to get them to look as real as possible... and that's why I love looking at photography for inspiration and technical cues... just like to ones you post! Thank you for sharing so much photos!

very nice !!!


Thank you so much @bruzzy

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amazing work sir if you dont mind can you send me the download of the software you used thank you in advance


No worries, I'm always glad to help other people interested in these kind of things.

Cinema 4D (3D software) - https://www.maxon.net/en/
Octane Render (External renderer that helps me get photorealistic images) - https://home.otoy.com/render/octane-render/

amusing design !!!

That's a sweet picture and a sweet room man! Looks cozy and inviting.


Thank you! I'm glad you can see yourself inhabiting a room like this one!


I can't wait!

The picture would look better if there is some space between bed and the painting


Yeah, could be. I'll try it on a next render. Thank you!

Wow, nice render!, @obxidiana
I'll follow you so we can read


Thank you! Gracias! I've seen your paintings and they look great! He visto tus pinturas y me han gustado mucho!

It was worth it reading all of this awesome read!! thankyou for such great writings , also I have a story about unsung hero that you might like.
Please read and if you like do give upvote this is the motivation that keeps newbies like us keep growing thankyou so much!

@obxidiana thnx for putting this information all with each other..

WOOOW! really refreshing post, and awesome talent!
Thank you!


Thanks a lot @markosky! Love the things you're posting on your blog!


Thank you so much!
I'll be sure to follow you work in the future, it is amazing @obxidiana :)
I will be following you, and upvote your posts :)


Thanks a lot!

This is very cool, @obxidiana
What a good idea here.


Thanks a lot! Thank you for stopping by!


You are welcome.