Healthy body, healthy mind

in life •  5 months ago


24 days ago I decided I wanted to lose some kilos. It started with a 24 hour fast. I already felt better. Gave my digestive system a break. Gave my reproductive system a break. Who wants to f*ck or jerk off when starving.

However fasting on water is not sustainable for the long run. So I turned to mostly raw fruits, vegetables and fish. For the past 24 days I've lost 3.5kg, increased my productivity, slept better and have the clarity of mind which I haven't had for a long time. Turns out it all starts by taking good care of your body.

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oh waaw I LOVE ALL THESE FOODS! this morning I had avocados 🥑 with chicken 😊😊 stay healthy and have a great day!


Thanks, have a great day too miss daily selfie.


ahahhaahhaaaa thanks!