Newport Beach California - Ferry to Balboa Island

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Great Town (If You Are Wealthy)

A good friend of ours who owns a house in Newport Beach, California often invites us down to spend the weekend with him. We are usually so busy that we can't make it, but this particular time we decided to go on down and de-stress a bit.


His house is located right in front of the little beach pictured above. Needless to say, this is absolutely prime property in Southern California. The next door neighbor has a Tesla, a Ferrari and a Lamborghini parked in front of his house - but I digress. It is always a bit entertaining for me to come down here and just observe how this species of human behaves in its natural habitat.

Of course, my friend is a perfectly normal guy who doesn't behave anything like the locals who are mostly from old money. He worked his way to the top, which I can fully appreciate!


Whenever we come down, we love to step outside in the morning and just take in the sounds and sights. I especially enjoy watching the boats in the water wandering about in a seemingly aimless fashion. Of course I don't envy the owners of these boats as I get a bit seasick myself; but I don't mind watching them from shore!


Visiting Balboa Island

The one thing that we try to do every time we go down there is walk down to the ferry and go across for a nice walk around Balboa Island. The ferry goes back and forth all day long and you can either walk up on it, or drive your car onto it. If I remember correctly it only costs a dollar for the ride, so not a big deal to go back and forth.


The following is a clip of us arriving at the island and starting to disembark. My favorite thing to do on the island is walk over to a little family run ice cream shop that has the best flavors. Perhaps it only tastes so good because I am famished by the time I get there! Either way, I enjoy it quite a lot.

As I said before, I usually tend to get a bit motion sick while on water, but the ferry doesn't bother me. Presumably this is because the ride is so smooth. This is the view from the ferry coming back toward the mainland from Balboa:

By the time we get back it's usually starting to get pretty dark. At this point we're ready to stop in a restaurant and have a nice seafood meal before heading back to the house and watch some movies or chat for a bit.

I wonder if someday I'll be able to afford such a lifestyle? Who knows! For now I will just be content doing what I can, when I can. Thanks for stopping by!


and de-stress a bit

De-stressing, learned a new word today! ;-)

Haha, yeah I wasn't sure if it was technically a legal word, but it is listed in the dictionary. Apparently as long as you add a hyphen, you can combine just about anything.

I guess it's just one of those not-so-grammatically-correct words

But what do I know

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Yes, you can be sure, it fully legal! About adding hyphens you're correct as well:
personally, today I feel like a complete nuth-Man! ;-)

I just Nuth-manized English

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Thanks bro :)

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