Harvest Kangkung

in #life4 years ago

Steemit's friend this evening I want to share about vegetables that are very healthy, namely kangkung, there is no harm in cultivating vegetables to utilize the available land.

One type of vegetable that is easily cultivated and has the opportunity on the market is kale. Kangkung is a type of vegetable that is now in great demand by the public.
Kangkung has a delicious taste and affordable prices on the market. Starting from a simple dining place to a luxurious one, it has a food menu from this kale ingredients.
In Aceh, it has a geographical condition that is suitable for the growth of kale. Water spinach can be planted in the lowlands to the highlands.

Based on the habitat of his life, kale is divided into two types, namely land spinach and water spinach. Both types have their own characteristics.

But nowadays more ground water spinach is needed and circulating on the market because the cultivation of ground spinach is very easy and has a fast harvest cycle, which is around 4-7 weeks, and this is a photo of harvesting kale thank.


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