Banana Banana Harvest in the Big Brother's Garden

in #life4 years ago

Good night, friend, Steemit, on this occasion I will share about harvesting bananas, so many farmers and many people like bananas.

Surely you are already familiar with this one plant, bananas have become a favorite food for people today, because bananas contain lots of protein for the body.

Banana is a tropical fruit that has many benefits as a source of vitamins for the human body.
Bananas are one of my favorite fruits, bananas can be a business field with high income if cultivated properly.

Many bananas like it, and can be processed with various types of processed foods made from banana base ingredients, such as pudding cakes, es banana ijo, fried bananas, criping, molen, bread, sale, and so on. And here's a picture of plantains thank you.



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