Consistency and Intensity

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Consistency and intensity are the two most important factors when it comes to success. This was my takeaway from Tony Horton's book, "The Big Picture". As steem prices take a tumble along with the general crypto market, i think it's a point worth remembering.



When steem prices fall, it can be a little demotivating if you focus on the USD amount next to your account or post rewards. The good thing is that earnings are in SP and SBD. So, if you believe that this dip is just a temporary blip, then you should continue plugging away as though it doesn't matter.


Variety was another factor listed by Tony Horton as being important for success. By "variety", he meant being open to new experiences and trying out new things. Not to be stuck doing the same thing day in and day out. As important as it is to vary your routine, too much variety distracts from getting the important things done day in, day out. That is, the consistency and intensity.

I'm guilty of it too

When steem prices took a dip last year, i took a break from steemit, choosing to focus on my blog instead. That proved to be a doubly bad choice as the price of steem went up 7x while my Amazon Affiliate earnings dried up. Not going to make that same mistake again!

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You couldn't have been more right than you are now. Just spot on.
It doesn't matter what the value of steem is, if you are here to stay!
If the upvotes are low in value than the steem price is cheaper and you could still power up the same amount than when the upvotes have lots of value. Because in that last case, the price of steem also would have increased!

Keep on blogging @numpypython
And with the world cup coming up, there will be a lot to comment on and to blog about!


Thanks, Peter! Hope it'll be a good World Cup with lots to talk about haha


I know that we will!

Great post, and so true. Consistency is so important, especially here on Steemit. No matter the price, I keep posting. I may slow down or speed up as my time permits or post ideas come and go, but I never stop.

And that has been the key to my minor success here.


Thanks @getonthetrain! Your success is a model for minnows to aspire to.

Motivational. Just what i need this afternoon. Thank you.