Good Luck Token for Superstitious Traders (True Story)

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I have a friend, Takashi, who has been trading quite a while. Years ago, when he first started out, he had a full-time job but would set up stock trades on the side. He told me he didn't do very well. Then he decided to trade traditional forex currencies. There he pretty much broke even. He confided his problem to his older brother, who told him he should go see their grandmother for a luck token.

Takashi and his parents are very Americanized. But Takashi respected the older traditions and his brother. He went to see his grandmother. She made something and gave it to him with instructions.

Takashi followed his grandmother's advice and said after a month or so his forex trading improved and he was making profits more consistently. He quit his job and traded full-time. Then he started buying cryptocurrencies on the side. He didn't trade them. He bought and held. Thanks to the explosion in the price of cryptocurrencies, he's now a wealthy man. But he still trades forex currencies .

What did Takashi's Grandmother give to him? If you're at all superstitious and can use some help in your trading, read on. I'll tell you how you can make what Takashi's Grandmother made and how to use it to maximize your luck.

In the traditional Japanese tradition, "kaeru" is the word for "frog." It means "to return." The Japanese believe that if you keep an origami frog in your wallet, it will attract good fortune to you and "money will return" to you. It's called "okane ga kaeru"

So Takashi's Grandmother folded a piece of paper into an Origami frog (origami is the Japanese art of paper folding.) She instructed Takashi to always keep the origami frog in his wallet, which he did. He later added a small frog charm to his wallet.

Takashi isn't a superstitious guy, but he swears the energy or magic of the origami frog has helped him financially.

Here's a tutorial on making origami frogs. Use green paper, if you have it. Good luck in your trading.

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