Love for our universe Creator, Love for self and love for others

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In this order, these are, in my opinion, the most important feelings we humans need to feel more in order to be happier in this life and in the afterlife.

1. Love for our universe Creator

If you have ever believed that this world was intentionally created by a Being then you must have felt a good feeling about the Creator, at first. Maybe we don't remember it because of the thoughts and bad feelings we often store in our minds and souls. That good feeling was quickly replaced by a bad feeling because It's easy to blame the Creator for the bad things that happen to us. Then it's easy to dismiss the idea of a creator existing and find something else to blame and then dismiss that idea too.
In this way we keep our bad feelings stored in our souls. Those bad feelings manifest in our thoughts and actions even if we think we have forgotten them.

To become more happy we have to find a better way to deal with the bad feelings from the present and from the past. Children have an instinct to immediately cry when they have a bad feeling, and then if they don't know the cause of it, they forget and forgive. I they think they know the cause, they remember it and avoid it the next time.

We too often think we know the cause of our bad feelings. We rarely do. So until we have a better understanding of our feelings, we might be happier if we could cry, forget and forgive more often.

Anger is based on fear and sadness. These bad feelings can be diminished by having a belief there is a loving Creator, loving people, abundance and perfect justice in the afterlife.

Unfortunately there is no 100% proof there is an afterlife, yet, but there are some experiments that prove statistically that there are spirits and there is telepathy in almost 50% of the cases studied. Having even a small percent of belief in the existence of an afterlife and a loving Creator who loves us so greatly that gives us free will to believe anything we want, could benefit our lives.

2. Love for self and love for others

We often feel bad when we see people that promote products they themselves are not passionate about, doing it only for the money. We could start to fight them, to downvote them or to put them down in comments. But these actions could make our bad feeling worse on the long term because there is no end to spam. It would be much less pain if we can accept to feel bad for a moment, then move on with our previous (loving) thoughts and actions.

The unloving people can not thrive for long if they don't get the attention. It's useless to support people that don't want to find their passion, their love for something. Giving attention and money to people that are full of anger can only bring more anger in this world. They need some help to understand this if they want help.

Life can be hard when trying to survive. Fear and anger keeps us busy, and we don't have time to love our souls and the souls of the other children of God. Even the pain can be easy to bare if we believe there is a loving Creator, loving people, abundance and perfect justice in the afterlife.

In my opinion... even in this life.

These thoughts were inspired by the teachings of A.J. Miller from
The prayer in the image is also from there.
Soul Prayer.png

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