Feel how you feel

in #life5 years ago

I often react in anger when there is work to do.

To feel my deep feelings seems important now, yet I run away from my sad feelings and write this post, to keep myself busy.

It seems so easy to just watch may breath and observe the thoughts and the feelings that arise, yet it's hard to not get taken away by them.

soul feeling.png

I made this image and set it as wallpaper to have this reminder to feel my feelings more often.

When my computer heats up I check what processes are running and give them time to finish or terminate them if they are unnecessary. Otherwise the computer would become overwhelmed and would malfunction. So I guess it's wise to have this behaviour applied to my brain (and soul), to observe what thoughts and feelings arise and to give them time to complete or to ignore them if are not important for my being.

I must practice this awareness now and more often to make it a habit.


Nothing Else Matters

Your writing is very useful for me. and I will apply in this life. thanks for sharing.

Thank you! I'm glad to hear that.

You are welcome, Mr. @ntony

hey @ntony

just wanted to show my support and thank you for commenting my post about bots (just a few days ago).

big upvote on the way :)

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