How Are Big Mac's Even Legal To Sell?

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It baffles me how much hard we come down on natural substances that grow directly out of the Earth, but a something like Big Mac is fair game. Is the powers that be really out to protect our best interest?


Am I the only one seeing massive amounts of cancer clinics going up in the world? Is it just the changing times causing this? The population growth?

In the United States there are 1.5 million Big Macs sold a day! Keep in mind when you head to Mcdonald's to buy one of these things. Mcdonald's doesn't even have a grill! I don't want to talk for others, but I have never attempted to cook hamburger meat in a microwave. I certainly wouldn't feed my children meat I cooked in a microwave.

The hard truth of the matter is the food Mcdonald's selling to you is not at all food. It's engineered food. Chemical food. I agree there are several ways to get cancer, but a straight forward path is ingesting fake substances into the body over and over again.

Here is a quick breakdown of what happens 1 hour after ingesting a Big Mac...

10 minutes - 540 calories raises your blood sugar to abnormal levels. This triggers the reward system in the brain by releasing dopamine. The process also works like this when taking cocaine.


20 minutes- A Big Mac bun not only has a high amount of salt. It is also engineered to have a high level of corn syrup. At the high levels found in a Big Mac, these substances can be as addictive to the human body as nicotine.


30 minutes- The sodium starts kicking in. When you take in high amounts of sodium your kidneys must work in over drive to eliminate the salt. Your heart starts working faster to pump blood through your veins. This is what causes high blood pressure and can then lead to heart disease.

40 minutes- Have you ever craved another Big Mac after just eating one? More engineering working at its best. That corn syrup has now been absorbed by your GI tract track causing your insulin to spike which in turn is causing an illusion for hunger.

60 minutes- Each Big Mac contains 1.5 grams of trans fat. It takes the body 51 days digest trans fat. This holding of trans fat is directly linked to heart disease and cancer.

The ingredients in this "hamburger" can cause serious damage to your body, especially you are consuming on a daily basis.

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Its funny its like how there is the surgeons general warning on a pack of smokes ofteb accompanied by a disgusting image and yet booze and fast food nothing, yet in my opinion all equally bad.

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