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Hey guys its Jason here, thanks for joining me in my Road to 50k blog series. Throughout this series I’m going to be sharing my journey with you on the way to 50k on my Instagram account.

I wanted to share an experience I had this week whilst managing my Instagram account. To give you some context, 2 weeks ago I was contact by someone looking to collaborate with me on a mention for mention basis. This is the processes by where I mention another account in the caption of my photos and they do the same on theirs. The idea behind it is that we both make it easier for our followers to discover and check out each other’s content whilst also picking extra followers.

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you will know that I’m all about providing value and on this occasion I thought I was doing that. The guy’s account had less than half of my followers and was achieving about a third of my engagement. But I thought that when I was in his shoes, partnering with a bigger account could have turbo charged my growth.

 Also he told me that he had been watching my account from the start and that he couldn’t understand why I had overtaken him in both follower growth and engagement. I was eager to share my strategy with him and also pointed out some quick wins to get his growth back on track.

On agreeing to the collab he was posting around 3 – 4 times a day, whilst I always post 5 times a day. Posting frequency is important on Instagram because you want to grab people’s attention across as many time zones as possible. 

All was great for the first week, we even shared comments and likes on each other’s content. But last week I noticed that he started to post less to the point where he was only posting. I let the weekend go by and still no change. So I messaged him yesterday to tell him that I was breaking the arrangement, because it had become too one sided. I was literally driving traffic to his page 5 times a day every day, whilst I was getting little in return.

I post every day asshole

I was expecting a response like ‘ok sorry about that, I’ll post more’, or ‘I understand, all the best with your account’. But what he responded with had me stunned  “I post every single day asshole”. Asshole? Seriously? So I frantically started typing out an angry response, but then something told me to stop. Luckily I was in the gym, so I put my phone down and did another set. By the time I had finished my set I had found my cool.  So I deleted the unsent message because at the end of the day, getting into a pointless battle with someone on Instagram is a waste of time and ultimately unproductive.

What this guy had attempted to do was bring negativity to into my life, and why because I didn’t want to be taken advantage of. Instead of rising to it, I let the negativity go and killed him with kindness in my response. There are two things that I am 100% on, I entered and exited the collaboration with only good intentions, and second people like him will need me before I need them.

Lesson of the story, negativity breeds negativity and therefore nothing good can come from rising to it. It’s always best to rise above it.

Thanks for reading fellow Steemians! As always if you have received some value from this post please hit the upvote button or drop comment. If you’d like to see more hit the follow button. ✌✌

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Beautiful introductory post. Welcome to Steemit and now following you.


Good to read that money is not the only goal! Thanks for sharing


Thanks, and that quote is on point!!

Straight hating on you. That's jealousy right there yo. Brush that ish off like u did! Btw what's your IG username? @nosajj


True story right there!! Insta is @freshstreetfits