Come One Come All To My Petty Parties!

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Due to the erratic nature of pettiness it's almost improbable to remember it all let alone document it as it occurs. Sometimes they come in so quickly I can barely keep up with the mental notes and would forget some great stories. Don't fret though, it's bound to happen again.

Now whenever I see something out of wack I would leave it that way so to remind me to write about it because you just can't make some of these things up. I'd like to think of you as the friends you can call that picks up every time and allows you to vent. #releasethesteem

If you're in a committed relationship, living with someone or the gut wrenching married you already know the terrors that comes with package.
I've learned that when in a relationship, especially when married there's no such thing as being petty or even too petty. It is the breeding ground for little dumb irritating shit.

What may seem petty to one may mean the world to another. Pettiness can start off as just  until the act(s) gets so constant it goes past petty and becomes a problem. Petty is also a matter of perception, it depends on how you see and stand behind your standpoint. 

For example (pay attention), 

Person 1 offends person 2.

Person 2 is obviously upset and confronts  person 1.

Person 1 will have the audacity to get offended for being confronted and will ironically call Person 2 petty for even bringing it up!

Often times when told to an impartial individual, that person would conclude both parties are being petty.

So my Steemit friend(s) from time to time you'll be enjoying one of my "Petty Parties". Where you will read some of the most ridiculous situations. 

Compare mine to what you've been through. You very well may be like "Damn, and I thought I was being, or my situation was petty!" Lol!

Seriosly though, please, indulge and keep the petty parties going. Tell us about the parties you've been invited to or were forced to attend.

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