Do you want to marry? - Before you do, find out the worst ways to ask

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Hello my dear Steminians, today I come to talk a little about the worst ways to ask for marriage. It is a very appropriate subject to speak, because many gentlemen have forgotten how to ask for marriage, remember that for women that day must be one of the best, because at that very moment is changing their life, if she accepts of course this. Let's start:

  1. One of the worst ways to ask for marriage is to do so through other emitters, that is. Imagine that your wife is at work and you send the girl at the reception to tell her that she wants to marry you. Can you imagine his face?

  2. Another worse way to ask for the hand of your beloved would be through the national radios or stations, I explain. Imagine that your dear beloved is driving her vehicle on her way as usual and suddenly the song that she was listening with a lot of enthusiasm ends and the commentator says: "Well my friends, here I have a detailed statement from Pedro Perez is that he wants to ask Karla to marry him. Karla wherever you are you must be excited, crying with joy, well Karla just have to wait to get home to give you an answer. "
    Can you imagine? That thoughtful woman all day and her friends who had the same station at that time turned on asked if she would be married or worse still, asking if they will be invited to the wedding. No no no no and no my friends, do not even think about doing this.
  3. A Nefarious Way to Ask for Marriage It would be to make a graffity on the front wall of your home. Those who put "I love you, (Name of the beloved) do you want to be my wife?" And a red heart. Not my friends, do not even think of this idea. In that case the only thing they are going to win is that the baker, owner of the wall which they scratched, he covers to his beloved the cost of the paintings and manpower to fix his wall.
  4. Another way to ruin your illusion of having a happy marriage would be to ask for marriage by texting over the phone or by calling. Please, guys, where's the creativity? Apart from this stop being so painful, we are in the XXI century. Doing it this way would be like asking your girl if she wants to go to prom in high school. Not my friends, it is marriage what they are asking for. It is loving and loving for the rest of their lives.

I know that for many, this issue is very difficult either because they do not know how to start talking or where to do it or for countless things. But, I will advise you so that at some point in your life you decide to ask for the hand, you will not go all wrong.

  • First and foremost is to know that she is in love with you and that 70% will say yes.
  • Also at the moment of requesting marriage, you must be yourself, remember that she liked you and your occurrences, your spontaneity among other things, just be yourself.
  • A place to ask for marriage? The truth is that the girls have different places where they would like, just try to ask which site is most pleasing to her, not precisely to ask for marriage, you should not tell her that way. Just ask what place you like to fully relax and tell you the place where you can make the request.

Here I will leave several link of several ways to request marriage, so that in some cases read a little and you are familiar with this topic:

* Https://
* Http://

  Remember that for women that day should be beautiful. Please, do not take away the illusion to your beloved ruining it with a bad request of marriage. If you love her, try to do everything to make that day perfect.

With affection and I hope you like my post. For more follow me on my account @norellyg. Greetings and see you soon...

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