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Are you new here?
Are you seeing a lot of negativity and can't help but wonder what that's all about?
Are you having trouble deciding which side to be on?

This Man
This Man Can Help

This Man has had to put up with many whiners over the years. Deep down and honestly, This Man thinks most whiners are a general pain in the ass. This Man knows of a few people who complain too much. To This Man, they all seem to be the same. This Man can smell one from a mile away and the stench makes This Man's nose burn.

Some people catch a cold, and get a runny nose. Other people catch a slight inconvenience, and get a runny mouth. Both require tissues.

This Man is Fresh Out of Tissues

If This Man had one left though, This Man would give it to the person with a cold. Even if that meant This Man could soon come down with a runny nose as well, This Man would be ready and willing to take that risk. The runny nose will eventually go away. If This Man were to catch the symptoms of a whiner, there is the potential This Man could be stuck in a rut for many years.

This Man lives life in four-wheel drive and likes to power through the ruts. Some puddles look too deep for This Man. This Man isn't afraid to go around. This Man doesn't care if you think This Man was a wimp for refusing to take the risk.

This Man is trying to say, if someone whines too much, they live in a deep puddle of despair. It's a trap. This Man knows for a fact This Man is not the only one in this world who likes to avoid these obstacles. If you whine too much, you become a bump in the road for the other people around you. Some people will slow down when they see you, and proceed with caution. Others, will avoid you completely.

This Man, What Are You Rambling About?

In life, there will always be people who have more, or so it seems. Those people somehow have it better than others. This Man knows, those people aren't that way on purpose, and they don't exist just to bother This Man. They shouldn't bother you either. In most cases, it's more productive to view them as motivators.

The world is not out to get you, the world is out there for you to get. We're all on the same playing field. If you see things differently, there's a strong chance you're stuck in some kind of a rut. If you allow yourself to keep struggling, you will sink deeper. If you blame those who can help, there's a good chance they won't be around to toss you a rope.


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This Man Started at the Bottom

This Man was once a very young This Man. At work, This Man was surrounded by people who liked to complain. Wages, managers, workload. You name it, they would complain about it. Those people never moved up the ladder. They stayed where they wanted to be and stuck to what they were good at. When they got sick of whining, they would quit, so they could go somewhere else to remain at the bottom and complain about who put them there.

This Man had to power through their negativity. At times, because This Man didn't agree with them, that often meant This Man would be ostracized from the group and sometimes even despised. This Man has never kissed ass for anything in life, but that's one of the names the negative types like to throw around the lunch room.

This Man moved up to higher status and higher pay. That was when This Man made the biggest discovery of This Man's life.

Those who whined as a group, feeding off each other's negativity, often came into This Man's office to stab each other in the back. This Man would observe them being friends in one room and enemies in the next. The whiner can only whine. They whine to deflect their own personal deficiencies away from themselves. It's a trick. Their word means nothing. They want to look better in your eyes, by making others appear weak. They are pure evil.

Don't Be a Tool

The moment This Man observes an individual blaming someone else for their own problems, This Man knows it's okay to think that individual is weak and will not function as someone This Man wants to be around.

All those people want is for others to remain at their level so they do not have to work any harder or make any changes to better their situation. You become the tool needed to reinforce the bubble they choose to remain inside. Even if they are a friend, just know, only a friend can stab you in the back.

Look Around

Everyone here, in some way, shape or form, earned what they have. Everything you share for people to enjoy will be your next step up. It might only be a small step, but it's still a step in the right direction. This Man is proof of that, many others are as well. Some may skyrocket to the top instantly. Just know, they used the same path you're on, the same path as This Man.

Those who find success are the ones who can help you. They are not there to hold you back like the bottom feeders, but they do have one thing in common. Just as those who would prefer to struggle want others around them to join them in their puddle of despair, those who succeed also enjoy having others around who share common interests.

We like to raise our glasses and congratulate each other, instead of tipping our cups and crying over spilled milk.

So, you're new around these parts and wondering which side to be on? Allow This Man to answer that for you.

Be on your side.

Disclaimer: This Man is not a certified self-help guru. This Man is just a dude who can't stand whiners, bitchers, moaners and/or complainers. This Man thinks they bring the property value down. This Man does not approve of that.

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"Nobody cares about your entitlement issues."
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This Fan would like to thank This Man, for That Post.

No need to thank This Man.
This Man is just doing This Man's job.

This Man understands why people agree with This Man.
This Man is common sense.

Whiners, politicians and diapers all need to be changed often and for the same reason! Mark Twain more or less...not me!

This Man thinks Mark Twain was a very Smart Man.
You have your moments too, @richq11.

This Man is very wise and this girl couldn't agree more ;) Thank you This Man for your inspiring words, hoping Those Whiners stay far away from This Man.

This Man just felt like being honest today.
This Man has seen enough and would like to see others succeed instead of being discouraged by a loud minority.

I saw that asshole was flagging your comments, and I wondered if it was because of this post, but so you know, he is flagging everyone's comments occurring in the past half an hour or so. New strategy? If any post should hit trending right now, it's this one for it's message to combat crap like this, ha!

This Man thinks that asshole might be the biggest whiner in the history of sad lives. This Man remains unfazed.

This man still lives in his van,
Down by the river.
But even he's a fan
of that dope green tan.
I hope you understan.

This Man can understan the Van Man Fan.

hey @nonameslefttouse, this man should join my group. I'm looking for 50 positive people who post original work who want to auto-upvote each other to make these site more user-friendly. Here is the link if you are interested:

This Man appreciates the offer. Unfortunately, This Man does not meet the criteria. It states, in bold, Nothing offensive. This Man doesn't produce content to offend people, but that doesn't mean some of This Man's content isn't offensive to some viewers. This Man does not work well with others when restricted. Also, currently, This Man isn't interested in using a bot to vote. This Man likes to read and already has trouble keeping the voting power at a productive level. This Man hopes you can understand.

Of course, just a friendly invite :). You're welcome if you change your mind and I'll keep you in mind when I see your posts.

This Man will gladly be your 50th follower and try to help you when This Man can.

This man is pretty awesome.

Translation: Don't be one of Those People. ; )

This Man is laughing at that bit of truth.
All of you Thismaniacs crack This Man up when This Man does This.

This Man is awesome and I would like to be friends with This Man because This Man is the type of guy who would tell a friend they've got a whistling booger waving at Those People.

When This Man sees the glowing red face, This Man knows This Man did a good job.