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I Have A Little Secret To Share With Everyone!

in life •  2 months ago 

Do you want fries with that?

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I'd like some fries. I thought I'd reply here, where most people won't notice, to say thanks to you and @meesterboom for the positive words. It means a lot. I'll be back to writing soon, I think, just as soon as I can refine the new style I want to experiment with. Sadly I had to kill and eat Kevin the mountain goat, but desperate times require desperate measures. I think he would have tasted better with fries but all I had was grubs and bark.

A new style!! Very intriguing. Can't wait to see it. I have heard that host can do that to you! :0D

:) I hope I can live up to the expectations. Prepare to be disappointed.

Lolz, if I am disappointed you shall DIE


But I'm already dead.

Everyone is dead.

No fries for you! You killed Kevin! Kevin knew how to make the best fries! I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about!

Hey dude, when you decide it's time to come back, make sure to give me a heads-up. Pay attention to the shit I said in this post as well about tags, especially if you're going crazy creative again. People still post, never read important posts like this, generic tags, some don't even respond to comments. Impossible to help some people or get the ball rolling with these tribe/community things.

Thanks man. As everyone knows, mountain goats have 99 lives so maybe Kevin will be back. I've been watching tribes/communities with interest and will be sure to include relevant tags. Seems like people are just missing out on free money by ignoring tribes. I might just make my own.