Fun Fun Friday: How to Make LSD

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@NoNamesLeftToUse The Writer/Artist Himself here again
and today

I teach you how to make LSD!

NoNamesLeftToUse - Friday Cover.jpeg

Isn't This Exciting!

I think it is!

Making LSD is some of the best fun you and your family can have on a rainy day, or even when it's sunny!

Be warned: In some places, making LSD is illegal.

I happen to live in one of those locations.

But I've been doing this my whole life and I don't see what the big deal is.

I've made LSD five times already, and I'm only talking about today!

Do you see me getting arrested and thrown into the slammer?  No!  You don't.  So don't be so paranoid.  Live a little!  It's only LSD.

There Are Three Main Ingredients

One cannot make LSD without these three crucial elements.

Would you be surprised to learn these three wondrous components can already be found right there in the comfort of your own home?

It's true!

Everywhere you look, without even knowing, you've been hodling the most magically mystifying makings of one of the most remarkable things known to humanity: LSD

Enough chitchat though.  You came here to learn about how to make LSD and now I'll show you how it's so simple, even your child can do it while you're off doing busy adult things in the other room with the door closed.


You'll need one of these:
Screenshot (395).png


One of these fancy things:
Screenshot (396).png

And Finally

The most important of all:
Screenshot (397).png

Warning: Be sure to always place the ingredients in the correct order, otherwise you will not achieve the desired effect.

Apply the Magic

To save time, I had my staff prepare this before the show.


NoNamesLeftToUse - LSD.jpeg

Wasn't that fun!?

I love doing LSD!

Some people, and even the internet, will tell you, "Don't do too much LSD."

I agree, because this one time, I met the strange man who lives inside the carpet.

What Lives in the Floor.jpeg

He spoke to me for three hours and I wasn't able to make sense out of any of it.  At least now I know where he lives, so I'm careful where I step.


This concludes our lesson.

Making LSD is one my favorite pastimes, and now it can be yours!

Stay tuned because on the next episode, I'll show you how to make:

NoNamesLeftToUse - Crack.jpeg

I can't wait either!

So until next time:
Have a nice day!

All images seen here were produced digitally, by me.
"Since this was a comedyopenmic entry, I'll nominate @therealpaul and @sift666."
"And yes, I know that post was corny as fuck. Whatever!"

© 2018 @NoNamesLeftToUse.  All rights reserved.


Woohaaa this is the most exciting thing I've done all week, no what do I say.. all month!!! Holy crap (not crack!) I always wanted to try this, and you taught me in 2 minutes.. See: I have done it too, guilty:


Congratulations! Now you can tell everyone, "I've done LSD!" They will applaud.

I did ! I instantly shared it in the Dutch server on discord.. and they must have thought I was on lsd first.. but they all liked your post :) This is a very nice beginning of com round 21 yours was the first I read so thanks for that.. Looking forward to the next tutorial.. Hope its something special and not this easy hehe

On a serious note: Thanks for doing that. I've been here nearly two years and it's not often my work gets passed around like that. Thanks again.

Haha! Best tutorial EVER, I'm tripping already! ;)

Paul's Mac broke down and he's having a helluva time steeming right now- I'll let him know about his nomination- Hope you win!

I tripped over an 'L' once. Some asshole painted 'SLOW' on the street and hid crack in there. Down I went...

I was very excited when I saw this title. I thought to myself, finally, some useful information has been posted to Steemit.

I then quickly thought to myself, what fun is LSD without PCP?


Wow! You sure do know how to make some good PCP!

I am a man of many talents, I keep trying to master Pink Himalayan Bath Salts but fail. It might take a group effort to master them.

That sounds like too much work. Pank Humaluey... yeah I can't do it.

I may have the recipe wrong, maybe it calls for ground Himalayan cat and there is no real salt at all.

Those go good with pepper.

Looks like some good shit. I'll take a gallon.


Would you be surprised to find out I already knew about everything they said in that video? LOL

Something seems to have gone wrong with mine...

Just needs an R, and it'd be picture perfect.

Man I thought you were kidding-- I can't believe you made it right there on the page. Oh man this is wild, I had things to do today, but now, oh wow. Did you see that? Oh wait... is that just the patterns on the carpet, or is that a tiny city down there, and that guy, oh man I gotta go.

dreemit told me I'd been nominated here, so I'm going to have to put together a bit or two, something stupendous.

Hey man! No pressure. Just don't step on the city. They attack with these weird little light streamer guns that look like fireflies without wings and it makes your arms itchy.

Guys, many of you've been asking what LSD means
Let's suck dicks

You're welcome.

Hoping the next one's as cracker as this, if not whmore.

Cocaine, I'll be leaving.

PS: High time you made a COM entry, we missed you.
Alright alright, I'm done with the puns
or am I.

Ha ha, this is fantastic 😂.

I made some LSD per your instructions and have been micro-dosing but aren't feeling any different! Have I done it right @nonameslefttouse? Here is a sneak-peak of what I've got:

Our family is growing..jpg

I've been taking one/day and no noticable effect, I just can't figure it out 😉Any help with where I've gone wrong would be massively appreciated.

Did you not read the fine print? I thought if I made the words really small, more people would notice and pay attention because you have lean in to see them. Do you see rainbows in your urine? You better go to the hospital. Don't tell them where you learned this stuff either. I wasn't here, you never saw me.

Awww man, I missed the fine print as the letters kept walking off the side of the screen when I tried to read them. That was only after I took the SLD tab though, hmmnnn maybe the formula has worked!

Your tutorial was so lit i dont even need another lesson to make crack.

I can teach you how to make weed without fertilizer!

i am yours sensei!

Don't bullshit him

The long day I’ve having I needed me this this pick me up of colorful text injected with interesting substances. Not sure why I’m now seeing a ghost that looks like it belonged to Bowser’s Castle floating around on this page but I’ll take it.

Have a great Friday and keep cooking on steemit . Just don’t do it in the swamps in Florida. The alligators are not big fans of this kind of thing. In fact they all now have cellphones and even report you! What a world we live in.

I hope those damn overgrown lizards don't call the cops! This took all morning and some of last night to achieve. Damn fun-wreckers these days!

Instead of getting something cool like mutant ninja turtles. We are just ended up with mutant overgrown lizards. Someone better call the lab and tell them they messed up this customer order! Perhaps if I just give them sunglasses they will not call the cops.

Get some donuts, just in case.

First, when I saw LSD, I immediately left. Than I got curious, of course just curious. I don’t regret coming back.
Now that you thought us your secret recipe “how to make LSD”, I think we can make anything.
As a matter of fact I’m pretty sure we can make anything. It’s amazing how no one thought about it before. I just started my new project.

Look at you! You're already making LSD like a champion!

But now I'm thinking: Maybe I shouldn't have wrote LSD in the headline because so many will think this was serious, because that's just how it is here, and it sucks, but whatever. Thanks for being courageous!

lmao, awesome..that reminds me of those news twits...'There's an item in your kitchen that is causing instant death in homes across the country...tune in for News at 11!!!

"In today's news: This little kitty was stuck in the sewer but just look how happy she is now! And: You're about to die because you breathe. Find out why at 6 and then again at 11!"

ahaaa..exactly. Man, I hope I can hang on until then!!

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Thanks everyone over at @c-squared. I truly appreciate that.

Oh this is how one make LSD. Doesn't look too hard.. Should I try :P
Can't help it, you crack me up!

That's exactly how it's done. So take this information to your nearest law enforcement office and say, "Look here! Is that so bad? Huh! You guys are amateurs!"

And that is how one can get oneway ticket to looney bin :DD

At least it's free!

3Meals in a day and roof over your head, doesn’t sound that bad!

i like to see you do a tutorial on how to grow pot

yeah...that and also magic brownies....mmmmm..yeah!

That gave me a great idea. All I need now is a camera and some pots! Maybe I'll get those someday.

I'm very disappointed. I made some LSD per your instructions but I never saw the man who lives in the carpet! Reminds me of a story - In college I once had a guy prank call me and try to convince me I was standing on him and to get off the carpet because he was a ghost stuck in the floor of my dorm room. The guy was a total idiot and I told him it was the worst prank phone call ever. I was so disappointed I got my first prank call and it sucked that I lectured the guy to do better.

When I was about ten, my cousin was over; the adults were out. We both took turns on the phone. My cousin convinced one lady he was her nephew, so they talked about stuff for awhile. It was my turn, so I told this old man I was him as a little boy and I was stuck inside the phone. I told him if he didn't get me out, we'd die. The guy went along with it. I thought I was pranking him but in reality, he was pranking me.

I tried this on some notebook paper and I didn't trip. I just can't figure out what went wrong.

I hope you followed the directions! DSL is dangerous!

Haha LDS scare me too. I just can't trust a group that doesn't allow brown soda lol.

Now I'm hearing sounds and seeing colors... Oh wait, that's normal... What isn't normal is this 120 foot tall bat! Oh wait,I'm at the Louisville Slugger Museum, that's normal too...

You crack me up! So glad I visited.

This; probably the corniest thing I ever did.

Timing. I think I needed the laugh about then.

Yeaaaahhh it's Friday!!!! And yes this is exciting even without lsd hahaha!

I almost forgot to put the Friday sign up for you! LOL!

Hahahaha but in the end it was there and its one of my favourites! You know almost everyday when I wake up (I hate the early morning wake up) I say to myself be patient only some more days left for the weekend. And the friday comes and you know when I wake up I say its friday finally and that sign comes to my mind hahaha, so I think of you more often that you think hahaha!

Oh good! My subliminal messages are working! evil laugh LOL!

They are working for sure haha!!!

impressive! LSD made easy. What more could you ask for. Digital computerized LSD available on my laptop window free of charge. Damn! now I am in business. LOL

This isn't even the deep web!

Oh wow... thank you for such a good information!

You should try making MDMA next! The process is actually quite similar!

The ingredients are a bit different, though, and there's an added step, but certainly it's worth it for that nice warm fuzzy feeling you get when you're done.

I like warm fuzzy feelings. MDMA sounds like a lot of fun. MDMA. Doctor Mom? Wtf does that have to do with anything?

I hope this is not the flashbacks I was promised.

I'm sorry. Were they not intense enough for you? LOL

I thought there would be more bright flashing lights and pink elephants.

Wow great tutorial , you can teach me ?
Amazing post .

Thanks for sharing @nonameslettouse
Upvote you .

hahahaaaa.. very very clever and fun!!!! have a beautiful Friday and weekend... :)

Thanks, you have created the tutorial. I will try to make it.
Hopefully I can be like you.
It seems very easy, hopefully I can produce a work of this making.
Good share

Oh, um, yeah, thanks.

You can actually make cocaine that way too.
just sayin ^^

That is laced

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