Dognomad analyzing crypto charts

in #life2 years ago

Watching a friend's dog while she's out of town. He's into crypto, so we get along pretty well.

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Dogomad is the best!! He's adorable!

Ah... I've got some real bad news... those llamas near my house.... ah... how do I break this to you... they're, ah, alpacas. I'm so sorry. I thought they were llamas when I told you about them. I hope you and Dognomad are heaps good at the forgives.

Is that a Maltese? I use to have one .... is he bearish? 🤣

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Hahaha... Such a cute fella. I think dogs can see colours like green and red, so that could be the case this fella is interested in crypto trading?

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How's his track record? He any good at it?

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