New addition to the family 😄

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We recently got two goats, both female. One was pregnant and gave birth today. It was amazing witnessing post-birth and how quickly mother and baby bonded. What was equally fascinating was seeing how the mother quickly took the role of motherhood and despite the pain I am certain she was in, was more concerned with her baby. It's nice to have a new addition to the family 😄

goat 2.jpg

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Long life all mothers out there 😘

Yeah :)

Xageen kaala soo xariiraa

steemchat baa fiican. Private message ayuu leeyahay:


Wow congratulations! What a cutie :)

Hahaha:) Thanks, we didn't do anything:)

I guess later in the afternoon there will be more pictures:)

Awesome I am looking forward to it :)

Thank you:) Absolutely!

Awww, would you look at those two!
Congratulations on the newest addition to the family!

Yeah :) Thank you, much appreciated!