The daily Master's quote - The purpose of life

in life •  8 months ago

Friends, pioneers of consciousness, I hope you are enjoying the ride. Buckle up, because starting next week we will embark on a path.

Where to? with whom? For how long? What should you bring?
Everything will be answered in my next post on Sunday.

Never ask your mind what's the purpose of life because it will always give you a good answer

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Hi @nomad-magus!

Thanks for your recent visit and for the chuckle your amusing quote elicited. I'm looking forward to Sunday.. all buckled up. ;)

when i ask other the purpose of life they tell me that there is no purpose for the life and this is my thought aswell but you can't know if there is a purpose or not. we're alive so we need to do the best :)

NIce quote:

Never ask your mind what's the purpose of life because it will always give you a good answer

For the longest time, I believed that there’s only purpose of life: And that is to be happy. Right? Why else go through all the pain and hardship? It’s to achieve happiness in some way. And I’m not the only person who believed that. In fact, if you look around you, most people are pursuing happiness in their lives. That’s why we collectively buy shit we don’t need, some even go to bed with people they don’t love, and try to work hard to get approval of people we don’t like. Looking forward to your next post!


Indeed. But happiness is over rated. I will explain in future posts. Thanks for warming up. 😊👍


Never ask your mind what's the purpose of life because it will always give you a good answer

Reading this reminded me of Viktor Frankl’s writing:

“Ultimately, man should not ask what the meaning of his life is, but rather he must recognize that is is he who is asked.”

I am truly sick of hearing that the purpose of life is happiness. That’s BS. Happiness is a fleeting emotion that comes and goes. You can’t keep it in your life constantly. Plus if happiness is the only emotion to seek, what about the rest of the emotions we experience. Are we saying we are less human because we get angry or sad from time to time? They are a part of being human too — important parts that we should experience during life. We grow from these experiences. I just want to make the best out of this life and experience things the way they are.

I would be waiting for your next post @nomad-magus.


"That's BS"

“Where to? with whom? For how long? What should you bring?. Never ask your mind what's the purpose of life because it will always give you a good answer“

To me, the purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.

There can have many purposes of life!!
If we speak in a spiritual way then there can be only one purpose n that's to worship almighty GOD by the core of a heart but if we speak it in any other way then there can be a lot of purposes varying from person to person!! One of them can be to serve humanity in a best possible way!!
Also another one can be to become a successful person in the world etc!!
But whenever I try to question myself what my purpose is I always end up losing!!


I'll talk about it!

Thanks for the very valuable participation
Life Many people ask what life is
To me is to get rid of your bad habits. Get new positive convictions. Use new mechanisms. "Do not scratch your skin except your nails." Know your limits and stay in the middle. People accept as they are. Speak in an interactive manner, without provocation or imposing your point of view. Know what you want, it's up to you. Make incentives and do not imitate anyone. Enjoy introspection and trust your intuition. Do the necessary things immediately without delay and arguments. Do not do several things at the same time. Build your own project with enthusiasm and realism. Know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses. Try to distinguish from others. Always work hard and persevere ... tirelessly. Secret in your path and do not care too much for social pressures. Have confidence. Accept variation.
Thank you for this. I am waiting next Sunday for my greetings to you. @nomad-magus

I agree with you @nomad-magus, because our mind will always think of a happy happy, and always want to achieve the perfect success ..


The mind will always give something to look for, to achieve, a carrot to follow, a purpose to persue, yet never to reach.


It means it is the same as lust, wanting to be without being able to reach it ..

Now I'm curious..
I'm feeling just like that statue about what this is..

Waiting, keep up with the great posts.

Shabat Shalom!


thanks for your upvote :).....resteem and upvote for u :)

Thanks for your visit. waiting for what you have to say on Sunday

My friend thanks for the excellent participation you are great
I will say life is a bold adventure or nothing
I am with you I will wait for you to share my empty patience I have a brilliant leader.

yes ready I will wait for the next edition of you and I thank you

My mind gives me the unachievable purposes and makes me dream grotesque . So what is there, control it and be happy with it. @nomad-magus

Yeahh... @nomad-magus are right... Everyone should refrain from being a pessimist...being optimist about life is the best way to enjoy it......
Waiting eagerly for sunday and your post too... Thanks

Oh that’s exciting! I’ll be looking forward to your posts. 😊

I like surprises! Then I will definitely wait for your next post. Lookng forwars for your post 😊

However, our destiny in life today is only a fraction of the accumulated gift-and-accept accounts we have accumulated in many lives

Dear friend @nomad-magus I will wait for your next post and will happy to read all about your next coming days activities.

for me the purpose of our lives is sharing our knowledge that life has taught us! just like what you did @nomad-magus. All of your posts are very helpful and we've learned a lot from you!

this time my mind didn't gave any answer
i think i have to wait for your next post!

@nomad-magus Your concept "Never ask your mind what's the purpose of life because it will always give you a good answer" is awesome...
I totally support you.I think ,

The purpose of life is to stay it, to taste journey to the utmost, to attain out eagerly and besides worry for more newer and richer experience.

Indeed if we ask ourselves the purpose of life, the answer would be too long. We have been created for a purpose which we have to acomplish.

Never ask your mind what's the purpose of life because it will always give you a good answer

you should hope for the best while preparing for the worst...

Curiosity of highest level man. Waiting for sunday. Anyways purpose of life in just a short simple sentence is, "to live like there's no tomorrow".

very nice post

ok friend, I will wait your next post to get answer.

Waiting to see what u bringing next from the pack of wisdom cards u got..

I will faithfully wait for the next post. Greetings enlightenment @noman-magus

So curious about the content to be posted next by @noman-magus.

Well I wasn't able to get it what will you share on next sunday, hope that will be intresting, wating for that, and I agree we should never ask our mind what is the purpose of life, it will give you positive answers but you should be prepared for worst.

I will wait for the coming day which is the day of the week.

we will walk to an exciting place and we will bring friends who can accompany when we need it.

Well said sir, I think the purpose of life should be to attain happiness and peace of mind. We should go with the flow in life and not worry about all the things in the world. It's true that when one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us. Looking forward to seeing your next post.

Purpose of life ....

This is not only a question it is something which can make you think beyond the singularity .If we think what actually the purpose is we will end up with no answer matter how much diggin, a person will always make himself believe in God and will say GOD has made it better for us & the question will remain as such ...

we are waiting for your next post on sunday. i am very excited for that. Life is a lot like something you like.

Mind would never be as appealing as your heart would be for your life ..Though the mind is very intriguing and very intelligent, it doesn't bow down to emotions , but heart will. But in longer aspect and soul satisfying i would always prefer heart.Mind you mind is powerful, it could make a man who world wants to follow

hahaha great! waiting for the next post!

Chasing, searching, pursuing

Life isn't meant to be figured out, one thing dat i know

I was born for greater things

Do the best in my life. That's my purpose to live.

I am waiting your next post on Sunday, sir

post a nice giant chocolate sculpture @nomad-magus

what it means?
can you explain
Never ask your mind what's the purpose of life because it will always give you a good answer


Finding purpose in life is not something to find through rational thinking. There will always be one but never genuine.

Thanks for coming around. I cant wait to hear you sunday

The purpose of life is also to undergo fate, and die to receive fate as well. In our lives we should always be grateful and must be in a belief, do not live life without confidence. it is our belief that it is our choice, not to force anyone. Actually life is the greatest gift, besides being able to enjoy all the contents of nature, and also we learn endlessly about nature in our lives.

If it rests on the human nature of the process of creation is to worship God the creator. Because life in this world is only temporary, very little time that we have in this world. But it is the world's oldest. According to the tenets of my religion. Thanks for sharing @nomad-magus

Informative as well as helpful post man

very wise words ... because every human being has a good wish ... your post is very useful for me. and I can not wait for the next posting.

Very good words
I will wait for your next posting :)

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well i wish to be optimist

ok i will wait for your post on sunday.

The antipation is palpable! :)