Naked in front of the Universe

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Excerpt: In this article, I tackle the ultimate barrier that each spiritual seeker encounters – The mind. It was told that the Baron Munchausen was able to get out of a pond by pulling himself from the hairs. The same way your mind will tell you that it can lead you to mastery, to enlightenment, if you only follow its directives. But this is a fallacy. Ignore your mind for it knows nothing. It is ignorant.

In each human being's life, there's a point where the universe looks them in the eyes and becomes still. Then the human asks – "what's now?' – And the universe responses – "yes, so what's now?"

This moment is startling for the mind. Why? but because a hidden insight surfaces to the awareness. The human finally realizes that there is no one else but them. There is no book that reveals the secrets, there is no teacher to ask for an advice, there is no workshop to attend, no prayer or mantra to say, no friends to rely on, nothing.

It is a pivotal moment in one's life and it cannot be escaped or bypassed. Like a hungry eagle, once it picked you, it will keep coming until you give it what it wants, totally and without reservation. That perseverance is actually good news. You are so loved by "something" – or someone – that this something is not willing to give up on you. It is adamant to be there, sometimes in the background, and show its face each time you ask "what's now?" The answer, in case you still doubt, will always remain the same – "yes, so what's now indeed?

Weird? Not understood? Mysterious? Only if the person who poses the question insists on receiving an answer that is understood by the mind. Speaking with the universe is a mindless task. Your mind expects to receive an answer from the outside. In the past, such answers were delivered by some kind of agents, like prophets, messengers, which are external-to-the-self objects. The said universe's answer is deliberately enigmatic for the only way for you to find what you seek is to stop the seeking in your mind. And as long as you receive answers from the mind-world you will not go to the place where the eagle nests.

When you realize that your relationship with the world has so far been dualistic – there was you here and the world **there **– you can also break the barrier, that is your mind. The problem is that the only tool available to you in handling this task, meaning breaking the mind, is the mind itself. A problem! A problem which your mind will gladly tackle and try to solve if you only let it. Don't let it!
Rather, install yourself in the moment of now, where no future or past exists, and from this vantage point observe the world. Your life will slowly become more sensual oriented (meaning "of the senses") and less intellectual oriented (meaning "of the mind"). Strip yourself off of the intellectual clothes that you wear. It is not to quiet the mind but more to forget it. It is to be alive without knowing what alive is.

And with this comes freedom. Creation happens.


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What a great read, David! I accidentally stumbled upon your blog and is going to read all your posts.
Upvote and follow for sure!


🙌You are kind. I will be happy to have you as a follower . Thank you!