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Are you living with passion? Answer this question
All of us are born on this earth for a purpose.
It’s as if each one of us is sent on a mission which is
unique and can be completed only by the person
who is meant to do it. We are all endowed with
unique capabilities and skills which are best suited
for our specific mission. Once you realize what your
life’s purpose is, your entire life will revolve around
that purpose. You will start living your life
passionately by chasing your dreams and fulfilling
your mission. Each day of your life brings forth new
adventures, but unfortunately, a majority of us don’t
realize our true purpose. Many people spend their
entire life doing something, which they were never
meant to do, or sometimes not doing anything at
all and wasting it one day at a time. As a result,
they live their life without any passion.
About 90% of the people in this world live
without any passion. Their whole life is insipid,
boring and dull. They don’t have any aim or dream
in their lives. They seem to live, just because they
were born, and one day they leave the world as if
they were never born. And the sad part is that they
don’t even realize it. It is the remaining 10% who

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