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Today's post will be about finding patience and trusting that you are where you are for a reason. Life is not a straight line and you have to go through the highs and the lows. Trusting that everything will work out is a step towards happiness.
All the beautiful, ugly, magical, painful, sad and happy phases of life are what makes it beautiful.


How would you learn to appreciate the good times if you have never been through hell?
How would you appreciate health if you have never been sick?
How would you know pleasure if you have never felt pain?

We are all on a journey. We want to live life in our terms. We want happiness but we forget that to be where we want to be takes sacrifice.
Even a seed has to be buried in the ground. It has to DIE before it can grow.
Appreciate your quiet moments. Appreciate the desert phase because in due time, all will be well.

Have a lovely week
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I agree. Everyone is on a journey. Trust the process.
Thanks for this dose of positive vibes.

Nice post. due use correct #tags to help promote your post change it to steemit and not steemke @njoromuts


Changed, thanks. Though we use #steemitke for those in Kenya

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This came at the best time. It is always good to be reminded to breath. Have a great week ahead @njoromuts.

Great insight, we need at times to stop and breathe.