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I have observation,In my school days i had some friends ,which I use to meet with whenever I get chance to go to my homeland.In our group I was quite different due to my tom boy image , and one of us was different because she always had big dreams ,She wanted to get rich and famous and free .Her desires were the reasons to her all bold steps she took in life and made herself controversial , her favorite sentence was " One day ,I am not going to be ordinary I am going to be very special ". 

 This time when I went to see her she looked disturbed again ,though her most of dreams had came true ,Like luxurious life ,exploring world and enjoying freedom.She got married for 2 times with no children but her restlessness is still there .
Whenever I asked her about this she smiled like a wises smile on fool , and replied that restlessness is sign of big personalities .I said to her " I agree with you but before starting journey we must be clear that where we have to reach otherwise in-spite of all we get , we will be still nobody and no where". 

 Being an ordinary person when I think about special people(specially some examples around ,who just jumped to be special) I find it quite easy I mean all it requires the heart of stone which never gets effected with even worst situations which he himself is responsible for .If one has that heart and courage to step over on others happiness can become easily special .When I saw people working on daily wages all day , get their payments in evening and get meal for their families.I ask my self "Are they ordinary people, who are trying to spend their lifes without harming anyone and don't use their physical or mental power against any one?".

For me they are real special ,because what ever they have Its their own ,they have not snatched it from anyone's hand.And it brings real peace in their lives and faces.My husband is an collage principal we have what one should have to live a normal life bust most important thing we have is deep sense of gratefulness to our Dear God not for only what we have but also for this peace and sense of gratefulness he poured in our heart.And it is his greatest gift for us. 

(Source : http://bailiandi.blogspot.com/2009/)


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