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You are probably wondering why I have an inflatable giraffe around my waist...Well last summer I went to Ibiza with my girlfriend and before we saw David Guetta live at Ushuaia beach club I walked by a stand selling floaties. I was very buzzed and I thought it would be funny to surprise my girlfriend on the beach with a inflatable giraffe around my waist and sure enough I was right! ;)

Screenshot 2018-03-07 17.44.25.png
David came on stage at around 8:00pm and rocked the entire place he has so many hits and kept the crowd laughing at some jokes in between playing his hits. He seems like a genuinely nice person and I am happy someone as famous as him can still smile and have fun with the crowd.
Screenshot 2018-03-07 17.43.52.png


Great photography freind

That's hilarious. I would die if my Fiance would have done that. Honestly, I'm just gonna face facts and fess up, that if I saw them I would probably buy there. Can never have enough right? Especially when your significant other is terrified of water. I like the spontaneity though! Have a great day and keep steeming on!

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