American dances the Bulgarian Horo

in #life4 years ago

While in Bulgaria I was walking down the streets of Sophia with my girlfriend. After walking for a while we arrived in the middle of town and saw roughly 40 people dancing in a circle. I turned to my girlfriend and asked "what kind of dance is that?" She looked at me chuckled and replied "That is the Horo it's a traditional Bulgarian dance and we do it at weddings and special occasions." I quickly smiled and asked "Well in that case I should learn the dance in case I want to Marry you one day right?" My girlfriends face turned red and then she looked at me mischievously and asked "If you want to learn why don't you run out there and join them?" I started laughing and said "give me a couple minutes to watch then I'll give it a try."
After about five minutes of watching I got the gist of the steps and ran out there this was the result (I am the one with the grey/purple shirt and blue shorts BTW). My girlfriend was very impressed as was her family members I think it brought me closer to getting the stamp of approval from her family LOL. I guess those years of me wanting to be like Justin Timberlake and learning how to dance came in handy when attempting this Bulgarian folk dance HAHA!

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