Hello Steemians A big hello from Pavlodar

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I want to tell the story of my city, I hope that the vote this time??? Pavlodar history begins since 1720, when the place of modern big city appeared Koryakovsky outpost. Named military fortress was so because the salt warehouses were located nearby, produced in Koryakovskom lake. According to surviving documents, the outpost was in the form of a square 50x50 meters was enclosed by a log palisade high, the corners had bastions with artillery batteries. Inside the barracks were situated outside - stables and a sauna. The entire garrison outpost consisted of 48 people. 25 years later, a few outpost expanded its borders, it has increased the garrison, additional buildings for the Cossacks, is appointed to work on the extraction of salt. 20 years later, retired soldiers and dragoons were allowed to settle in the free areas. It also allowed to settle contractors and officials of the salt department. Postal Station v1870 year In the Pavlodar historical museum it has a pretty interesting document - a plan Koryakovskogo outpost in 1765. In addition to the barracks, offices, officers' quarters and the powder magazine inside the fortifications outside the designated stables, sheds for the convoy, and two salt barns Refreshment shops. On the outskirts of the village next to the peculiar customs office designated tavern. On the bank of the Irtysh - baths. If you like the next time will continue

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