HELLO FRIENDS !!!. In the Orthodox began MASLYANA#2

in #life7 years ago

м3.jpg # From Monday to Sunday holiday Maslenitsa. Continued

Maslenitsa it is a holiday of farewell to winter and welcoming spring

The main dish all the days are the pancakes

Environment called Lakomka

On this day, the hostess did a variety of Goodies,but the main treat of course pancakes
Also on this day, mother-in-law showed his favor to the son-in-law


Thursday nazyvaetsya-Razguliay

On this day, the feast into a full blaze
Now a walk from morning to evening
It dances, songs ,dances ,sleigh rides and of course fisticuffs

м1.jpg //postimg.org/image/t1axl9nv9/c1ca55e5/


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