Life as we know it

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Hello all, this is my first blog post and I hope it helps you all.

Today had been like any other day. The same routine (my routine involves me reading self-help books and keeping myself inspired and motivated every day), the same set of exercises and so on. So, I woke up late. It wasn’t really that big a deal as I didn’t have any plans for the day and was to stay at home, I started going through one of the self-help books, I realized that I was doing many things that were in complete contrast from what I hoped to achieve. Basically, my actions were contradicting my thoughts.

The name of today’s post, ‘Life as we know it’ hopes to help all you guys out there who want to make it big in their life like me. Also, please treat this blog as one of your guides to success and not the ‘only’ guide and to read and think about all the messages that I pass on to you and really believe in them. I too am currently moving towards pursuing my dreams and really feel that these thoughts are helping me a lot. Some of these thoughts have been taken from the book, ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne.

I want to start by talking about what we have been taught our entire lives by our parents, the society and our friends as well, ‘ You won’t be able to do it. Don’t even think about it’. It’s something that has always kept us from trying different things in life, from going after the one thing that we love doing the most! Have you ever wondered how easy it is for people around you to bring you down while you are on your path to achieving your heart’s desires? And why sometimes we feel that it’s easier to give up than to keep trying? Well, I have.

When I had first decided to pursue my dream of becoming an Academic Researcher in Dance, I was not sure of whether I was ready for it. I asked my parents, my sister and my friends about it and many of them were against it. I had almost given up on my dream when my best friend asked me to believe in myself rather than in the people around me. Here I am today, glad about having heard my own voice. Life is how you want it to be. According to me, it’s the choices you make that define who you are and who you are going to be. So, think where you wish to see yourself in the next few years and believe that it has already happened. You can write back to me with the results.

But for it to truly happen, you must first believe in it completely. The idea is to get the thought to your subconscious so that your daily actions are all aimed towards achieving that one goal. There are different ways in which the thought can be pushed to your subconscious, I use the ‘Auto-Suggestion’. Auto-Suggestion is the art of repeating a certain outcome to yourself such that you start believing in its outcome. It might seem a bit odd initially as the idea of auto-suggestion is something that not many people have heard of. In order to build the faith that one might need to achieve bigger dreams, it would be a good idea to start small. Think of something that you wish to have in the next few days and keep reminding yourself about it. The stronger the desire, the better are the results.

Try meditation and auto-suggestion at the same time! It would make the desire stronger and will easily reach the subconscious. I use the same and it has worked out pretty well for me so far! It might sound a bit funny in the beginning but I hope you give it a try nonetheless. The results might astonish you…. 😀

Thank you for reading through my blog and I hope it helps!


Really good piece of writing, this seems close to the books "Think and Grow Rich". It makes perfect sense