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This post is a continuation of the last one as some you had texted me saying that they did not completely understand the term, Auto-Suggestion. I hope this helps.

Auto-Suggestion is nothing but self-suggestion. As mentioned in the book, ‘Think And Grow Rich’, it is the agency of communication between the two parts of the brain that deal with the conscious and the subconscious mind. In order for a dream or an idea to get infused in the body, mind, and soul of a person, it is required that the idea or the dream be pushed into the subconscious. This would, in turn, mean that every activity that one does henceforth, is to serve the purpose and get closer to the dream.

So, how does one send these thoughts to the subconscious?
It is through thinking and a constant awareness of the presence of certain kinds of thoughts in the conscious mind that this is achieved. To simplify this further, let’s take driving as an example. The majority of us have wished to drive their favorite vehicle at least once in their lifetime. To be frank, my first driving lesson wasn’t really a success I would say. But I really wanted to learn how to drive and also take my vehicle wherever I wanted to. I could’ve given up on driving after my first lesson because I wasn’t able to do it. But I didn’t and instead, I put in more effort into learning how to drive better.

It’s exactly what we require to do. I was thinking about driving a vehicle on my own someday and I was constantly aware of the thoughts that were revolving around it. It helped me to get better at learning and made me feel confident in myself, that I could do it. Sometimes, life throws such situations at us where we feel like giving up on ourselves and accepting our defeat and this is where auto-suggestion comes into play. Our subconscious keeps reminding us of where we wish to reach and the feeling that comes with it! And it keeps us going!