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Quiet is the last thing we want.

We want our lives to be always on the go, because we do not wish to look at ourselves, or our dark spots.

We feel inadequate, and that we don't have the power to change that.

Therefore, we will do whatever it takes to cover up moments of silence and peace to ourselves.

Nowadays, peace, quiet and "downtime" for us mean sitting in front of the computer, chilling in front of Netflix. It means going to the bar to drink with buddies and drink oneself into near-oblivion. It means to binge-watch YouTube videos.

We may complain of too much information and stimulation, but in reality, we use It as a drug. Why do we take drugs? To escape.

What is the point of writing this?

To begin to undo something, the first step is awareness.

We need to admit that we are participants in this endless drama in our day-to-day lives.

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