7 Tips For The Novice Mover

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It is said that moving is the third most stressful event in life, first being death and second being divorce.. Its something all of us have to do from time to time. Do you agree that its that stressful? Have you experienced a move that nearly killed you?  

I recently went through the third most stressful event in life and to be honest, a few times during our move I would of gladly chosen death.

Here are some tips I gathered whilst moving all my material possessions to a bigger piece of material possession to keep all my material possessions inside.

1. For the love of all that is holy NUMBER your boxes. We didn't. We paid the price for this when we started unpacking in the new house.

2. If you are using a moving company make sure they are loading your furniture with care. I don't feel like you should have to do this because you are paying for a service, but in our case we didn't supervise our movers and ended up with damages on almost everything they touched. 

3. Take this time to donate any unwanted clothes or anything else you don't need. When you are sorting through your hoarded house give back to the people who might need it more than you. Besides you get to move less stuff this way.

4. Pick the right day to move. In our case it was raining, needless to say moving in the rain isn't pleasant at all. We didn't really have a choice on our moving day tho but if you do,  try and pick a sunny one.

5. Get your boxes from local liquor stores or grocery markets. We got all our moving boxes from our local grocer, just ask them as they dump them anyway.

6. Put heavy things in small boxes. You don't want to be carrying a huge box that weighs a ton. Something I had to do on numerous occasions.

7. When you move your bed into your new house set it up immediately. You are gonna need a good nights rest after your move. 

Those are my personal tips I put together after our move. Below is a vlog I did of the day, you can check out our new spot. Be sure to subscribe on youtube and follow me here on steam. 


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Great article, I think I have had enough of moving for a while though. Funny part I didn't even move but helped a few other guys ;)

Yea dude, moving is STRESSFUL.
I'm glad that ours is over yet so much stuff to donate and it just never seems to get any less. As for the bed, that was the first thing we moved and made straight away. If the weather lasts I'll come over on the bike and see what I can do with it for future vlogs...