I Looked Beyond and I Saw the Big Picture

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Hello Friends,

Below are two of my books? They were inspired by first @curie for curating them as exceptional content and then by Whaleshares and Steemit and by the awesome feedback and motivation I got from members of both communities. I believe the Almighty that this is just the beginning, for many more will come.

I hope that my books, no matter how little they may look, will inspire a whole lot of you to see the bigger picture and do greater things while we wait for steem to soar above the stars.

History was doctored for the victory wasn't hers. The tribes did kill their twins but not all approved of it.

Some damned the consequences and even dared the gods. They saved their twins in a way so legendary.

This story tells it all. Brace yourself for the truth you are about to learn.

Available on Okadabooks

Available on Amazon Kindle

His half-twin was know for excellence, behavioural and academic, which he couldn't measure up to.

His lifestyle and unrepentant attitude troubled his parents.

He was distinctly different from his half-twin and despite parental efforts to mold him, he adamantly remained immune to discipline and change.

His wayward lifestyle eventually led to a tragic incident which haunts him to date and almost set his life on an unexpected path.
Available on Okadabooks
Available on Amazon Kindle

I look forward to reading your reviews on #Okadabooks and #Amazon Kindle.

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