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Hello Friends,

Below are two more books that I just published. They were inspired by Whaleshares and Steemit and by the awesome feedback and motivation I get from members of both communities. Thank you all so much for the never ending support.

I hope that my books, no matter how little the work I have done, will inspire a whole lot of you to see the bigger picture and do greater things.

The Candles' is a poetic piece about the circle of life and a collection of other pearl poems authored by me.

Brief Intro:
Two flaming candles lit up my candle
Giving me a flame so shining and bright
Watching me burn slow and steady
And guarding my flame...

Available on Okadabooks

Coming soon to Amazon Kindle

Her fate was a twist of legend and prophecy. Her sacrifice was a gift of love so uncommon. Her bravery remains unheard and unseen, for even in the grim face of death she remained fearless.

She was so loved by her father, adored by her people and seen as a goddess in the eyes of the enemy who eventually had reasons to adore her, but the legend and the prophecy must be fulfilled for the gods had sealed her fate long before she was born.

This story of Princess Inikpi is a version you’ve never heard. Find out how she died.

Available on Okadabooks
Available on Amazon Kindle

I look forward to reading your reviews on #Okadabooks and #Amazon Kindle.

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