Our Cries Can Still Be Heard - The Biafran Struggle

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...inspired by the Biafran Struggle - Resounded

I wasn't here then but I heard cold and heart wrenching stories, I read history book and novels. The Asaba massacre and the last dance on the Niger quickly comes to mind. Rest on brothers, rest on martyrs, rest on fallen heroes and heroines of Biafra.

Our Cries Can Still Be Heard

Five decades of forced unity
Five decades of violence and bloodshed
Five decades of the same cry for freedom
Five decades of unjust neglect.

Freedom is lost when unity is forced
Peace is breached and chaos is born
The rule of law is broken and power is abused
Justice becomes frail and equity is murdered

Unity is strength when it’s not forced
And no unity enforced will ever stand
No matter the power the enforcer wields
The clamour for Freedom will forever be.

Let’s divide if united we cannot stand
Let’s divide if the cry can still be heard
Let’s divide if the violence will cease to be
Let’s divide for a greater good and growth.

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