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Hello All Steemians

**I restarted an activity I had not done for a long time. This will bring up a hand crafted hand. yeach .... This is the knitting activity I started back today.

this is just the beginning, not yet seen money. what I plan to do is make a tablecloth from knitting yarn. at first, knitting it makes things easy for me. I have to watch a lot of videos for you, and start very slowly and repeatedly. But now it is very difficult to make me, I even try to keep growing in order to make knitting.

But today there has been a difficult thing for me. I really enjoy and do this.

After many things I learned from knitting, I also know that knitting can hinder dementia.**




@tajubanba is someone who faithfully accompanies me whenever and wherever. 😘😘


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Thank You for Visiting My Steemit Blog, Hope you like the pictures I share

Best Regard,


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