Cutting the cord

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This is a visualisation technique that I and others find useful for seeing relationships more objectively, and creating some space from it if needed. It is referred to as 'cutting the cord'.

As every spiritual observer since forever has noticed, most strong feelings seem to manifest in specific locations of your body, not just your mind. The most simple example is anxiety manifesting as queasiness in the stomach for most people.

With the cords exercise, it is a matter of having the subject of the relationship in mind, then looking down your body to see the size, colour, texture, location, and general nature of the cord. These traits are reflective of the nature of the relationship.

Once you've seen the cord or cords, the exercise of cutting is as easy as just slowly sweeping your hand down your body, passing through the cords. This seems to do some brain... thing... and the connection with the subject becomes decoupled from the self.

So, visualisation. It works best (or only works) when you're feeling overwhelmed by (strongly connected to) one or many things at that very moment.

If you have a chance to attempt this at an opportune moment, please let me know how you find it.


The brain controls all in health, wellness and living.... thank you @newandold

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